Racking and forklift solution for Kesko

All-in-one racking & forklift solution for Kesko

Toyota equipped the entire Kesko warehouse in Vantaa with racking solutions and a wide range of warehouse trucks.

Facts & figures

Company: Kesko (K Group)
Location: Vantaa, Finland
Industry: trading
Applications: horizontal transport, stacking
Trucks: 30 BT Reflex E-series with lithium-ion batteries, order pickers and pallet trucks

About Kesko

Kesko’s aim is to efficiently and smoothly serve about 400 stores within the Finnish Local Trade Network. That’s why Kesko is expanding its central warehouse in Vantaa, Finland.

Toyota equipped the entire warehouse with racking solutions.


The expansion of the warehouse is carried out in close cooperation with Toyota Material Handling Finland and is significant for the Finnish market. Kesko and Toyota were even the first to design the simulation options for a new inventory layout.

Next, Toyota equipped the entire Kesko warehouse with racking solutions, which include the innovative rollers designed by Toyota. These can be mounted flexibly on the bottom row of shelves, making use of the entire shelf level, or used for storing very small items thanks to the roller cover. Pick-up by the operators is always done at the front of the shelf, for better ergonomics.

The tilting cab on the Toyota reach trucks increase safety at height and improve productivity.

Ergonomics first

Toyota also delivered 30 BT Reflex E-series reach trucks to the new warehouse. These forklifts are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology including a tilting cab, laser and camera-assisted fork positioning, and the I_Site fleet management system.

The tilting cab allows the driver to see the mast past the forks, for increased safety at height and improved productivity. Visibility is further enhanced by the transparent roof and innovative mast design. The combination of all these features reduces the driver's neck and shoulder strain during recurring movements, benefitting Kesko's drivers.

Even the design of the reach truck's overhead guard with patented safety cover offers great visibility upwards. The mast design offers good visibility to the forks, especially when lifting at height. Kesko also requested a fork positioner to indicate the height of the forks relative to the shelves. The forklifts' floors are adjustable in height according to the driver's length, for an improved driver position.

The lithium-ion battery technology and fleet management system from Toyota improve efficiency .

Energy efficiency

A selection of the reach trucks is equipped with lithium-ion battery technology from Toyota. These batteries are maintenance-free and can be charged quickly and shortly during breaks, allowing them to drive 24/7 without replacing the battery. Charging the batteries in a separate area as well as battery replacement systems are therefore not needed anymore. With lithium-ion technology, the total energy consumption of the reach trucks is reduced by 30%, contributing to the overall energy efficiency.

Always connected

All forklifts at Kesko are equipped with the I_Site fleet management system from Toyota thanks to telematics hardware on the trucks allowing for their data to be collected and analyzed. This way, real-time information about these trucks is always available, anywhere, anytime.

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