BT Reflex with tilting cabin receives gold for its' design

BT Reflex - Reach trucks

The R-E-O-series from our BT Reflex range is updated with new innovative improvements. We have updated the driver compartment with the driver's ergonomics in mind and we are setting new standards for safety, ergonomics, and energy efficiency - now with lithium batteries as standard.



Intuitive compartment

We make sure your reach truck drivers' life is easy, safe, and more comfortable with a newly designed, ergonomic, and intuitive operator compartment.


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Interactive display

The new interactive touchscreen has various functions like speed control, lift height, and warnings for overload that will make your load handling operation easier and safer.


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Intelligent energy source

Designed with three new intelligent energy packs to fit your operations and charging habits, choose between Standard, Intensive, or Max. Our modular lithium-ion battery solutions give maximum flexibility to your operations while being a kind choice for our planet.


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Insights with I_Site

You can reach new levels in safety, productivity, and efficiency with the BT Reflex smart trucks as standard. Letting only authorised drivers start up the machine in a safe way, and making it easy to connect with I_Site fleet management from Toyota.

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Our reach truck series

Simply effective reach trucks

For straightforward applications

  • Lift heights up to 8,5 m
  • 1,2 - 1,6 t load capacities

Some reach truck applications require a straightforward truck that is simply effective. The BT Reflex B-series has been developed specifically for this type of operation, an easy-to-use truck suited for drivers that have many tasks to deal with during their workday.

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High performance reach trucks

Designed to lift heavy loads to high heights

  • Lift heights up to 13 m
  • 1,4–2,5 t load capacities

The new BT Reflex R- series is designed to lift heavy loads to high heights, thanks to excellent stability and transitional lift control, for fast and smooth lifting and lowering. Engineered for performance at height, the open operator compartment, the transparent roof as well as the mast design offer excellent visibility of the load.

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Reach trucks with tilting cab

Engineered for performance at height

  • Lift heights up to 13 m
  • 1,4–2,5 t load capacities

The new BT Reflex E-series with the unique tilting cab and transparent roof as well as the mast design offer excellent visibility of the load. E-series is designed to reduce the risk of strain for the driver in repetitive high-level applications.

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Reach trucks for narrow spaces

Designed to fit in confined areas

  • 1,4 - 1,6 t load capacities
  • Lift height up to 10 m

The new BT Reflex N-series is built for applications requiring a narrow chassis width, such as block stacking or drive-in racking, or for work in tight situations. However, the narrow chassis width is not at the expense of comfort, the new spacious cab is designed with the driver ergonomics in focus.

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Reach trucks for indoor/outdoor use

Designed and built for complete versatility

  • Lift heights up to 13 m
  • 1,4–2,5 t load capacities

The new BT Reflex O-series are fit for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the durable wheels and the high ground clearance. For driver comfort the O-series is available with multiple weather protection options. Typical applications are block stacking in yards, servicing outdoor racking and unloading curtain-side trailers.

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Always included in the BT Reflex range

Reach trucks from Toyota have been class-leading products with innovative features over the past 25 years. Unique tilting cab, transitional lift control, AC power, 360° steering to name just a few. No matter what BT Reflex series you decide to go for, these are some of the features that is always included.

Transitional lift control

The patented and unique transitional lift control system ensures completely smooth, shock-free lifting and lowering, even at maximum speed. This gives drivers more control of the load to improve overall performance.


Totalview Concept

The clean mast and fork carriage design in combination with the transparent roof offer the driver an exceptional view on the load at all times, increasing productivity and safety. The optional fork laser enhances this even further by helping to pick pallets faster and without damage

360° steering

360˚ steering for reach trucks is a “BT-first” invention. Change of driving direction thanks to the continuous steering wheel movement without end positions enables smooth and fast manoeuvring. This is an advantage over 180° steering, especially when stacking and changing aisles.

Optimised truck performance

This is a package of advanced electronic safety features that helps the driver to use the full capacity of BT Reflex in a safe way.

The pack includes: optimised cornering control, adjustable to suit the application, as well as speed control, and reach control.