Toyota delivers record-breaking storage system to Logitri

Toyota delivers record-breaking storage system to Logitri

Logitri started planning their new logistic centre together with Toyota. The result is a safe and comfortable workspace where Logitri’s employees can offer customers efficient logistics services.

Facts and figures

Company: Logitri
Location: Jussla, Finland
Industry: Logistics
Applications: horizontal transport, stacking, storing
Trucks: 1 OME100H Li-Ion order picker, 4 OSE100 Li-Ion order pickers, 12 RRE140H Li-Ion reach trucks, 12 LPE200 Li-Ion powered pallet trucks, 2 SPE200D stackers.

About Logitri

Logitri specialises in the outsourcing of warehouse services and has grown quickly the past 10 years thanks to customers' confidence in the company. Logitri managed to double its net sales yearly without any actual sales and marketing. Instead, they simply have been meeting the needs of satisfied customers with growing demand and new, innovative services.

Growth calls for expansion

Logitri's fast growth offered a new challenge: their logistics centre became too small, creating the need for a new building that can store their customers' products. Before even being completed, the new logistics centre has already been sold almost completely.

"We have gained the trust of our customers, which has led to them transferring their operations to us more and more"
- Jarno Hanhinen, founder and CEO of Logitri Oy.

Logitri started planning their new logistic centre together with Toyota. They started by mapping out the racking layout to design a storage system that can contain 100.000 pallets. Toyota also delivered all necessary forklifts and SpotMe installations for improved work safety.

All-in-one warehouse solution from Toyota

The result is a safe and comfortable workspace where Logitri's employees can offer customers efficient logistics services. The logistics centre is 30.000m², of which 20.000m² is temperature-controlled. Located in the logistics node in Tuusula's Jussla with a length of 454m and circumference of 1km, it is one of Finland's largest service logistics centres.

All trucks within the warehouse are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to the li-ion technology, no changing rooms need to be foreseen to charge batteries. Instead, the lithium-ion-powered trucks can run 24/7 without battery change or maintenance. They only need to be charged during lunch and coffee breaks thanks to opportunity charging. As a result, Logitri employees save time, truck utilisation is increased and work safety is improved. All these lithium-ion benefits, which give Logitri a competitive advantage, were a crucial factor in the choice for these forklifts.

Successful partnership

From the start of the project, Toyota Material Handling and Logitri have been working closely together, as there has been a good cooperation for over 10 years already and they can rely on each other as partners.

"We received the highest expertise, the latest technology and versatile products and services tailored to our needs. This allows us to build long-time partnerships and improve customer satisfaction by giving our clients a competitive advantage. In the future, we will continue to work with Toyota in the areas of training, maintenance and storage efficiency," says Jarno Hanhinen.

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