Team Challenge from I_Site

Are you a warehouse manager struggling with forklift truck-related incidents, damaged goods and equipment? A fleet management system is a good way to start optimising your warehouse safety, but to maximise the benefits and hereby reduce accidents and injuries, your forklift operators need to be onboard as well.

Challenge your drivers in a rewarding game and increase safety

Combine Toyota I_Site with gamification

To increase the engagement from forklift operators, we have developed a game based on our I_Site safety data to make forklift drivers compete for a safer work environment. Do you want to involve drivers more in the daily operation and create a better team spirit? With I_Site connected to your fleet, Team Challenge can easily be set up.

Easy follow-up with Team Challenge safety reports

Through Team Challenge you will get an overview of both the individual accomplishments, as well as on a team level. The teams of drivers can challenge their colleague-forklift operators in a rewarding game to improve safety in the workplace. With the help of telematics, I_Site will collect safety data during the competition. Every week, drivers will receive an individual safety score. Team leaders can look into this status report and review data with each driver. A team score is shared with all participants. The reports are sent to your company directly from your Toyota contact and present a clear and nice overview, week by week.

Is Team Challenge for your company?

Toyota I_Site is a powerful fleet management solution for exploring and realising improvements in several essential areas: whether you want to reduce costs, increase your utilisation ratio, control machine access, track drivers' licences, improve your environmental performance or increase safety in your workplace. If you can find yourself in the statements below, you can run Team Challenge at your site:

• You have implemented I_Site Explorer in your operation
• You want to improve warehouse safety
• You want to reduce damage to goods and equipment
• You want to build a good team spirit amongst your forklift drivers
• You have one of the following roles: Warehouse Manager, Team Leader, HR Manager, Sales Officer

How does it work?


  • 2 – 10 teams
  • 5-25 participants per team
  • 1 team leader per team
  • Define start date and duration (1-9 weeks)
  • Define the forklift types for the game


  • Together with the Team Challenge representative
  • With all Team Challenge participants present
  • Explanation of format and rules
  • Time for questions


  • The teams of drivers challenge each other while working as usual.
  • Weekly individual feedback (between team leader and driver)
  • Weekly updated competition scoreboard


Reach the following goals:

  • Reduction of injuries and shocks
  • Increased team spirit
  • Safer driving behaviour
  • Reduced damage cost of goods and vehicles
  • Don't forget to reward the winners!

Cost and return on investment

Team Challenge comes with a start-up fee that includes:

  • Project set-up
  • Set-up of drivers and teams
  • Start-up session for the competition
  • In addition, there is a small fee per participant per week.

What would a reduction in damage to your trucks, goods and infrastructure damages mean for your company?

  • Damage cost represents 5-15% of the total truck operating costs.
  • The average cost of truck damages is €50-100 per driver per month.
  • Every € of the cost for truck damages represents a cost of up to €10 for the cost of damages on infrastructure and goods.

Challenge your drivers with Team Challenge from I_Site and make warehouse safety an internal competition, while reducing impacts in your operation at the same time. For more information about Team Challenge from I_Site and prices, contact your local market.

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