Connected solutions that put you in control of costs

Connecting your smart trucks with I_Site makes it easier to stay on top of costs, whether it's related directly to your trucks, or your wider operation.

Prevent excessive utilisation

Use the contract utilisation feature in the I_Site application to give you an overview of contracted hours compared to operating hours. In this way, you can prevent over-utilisation of your trucks, leading to unnecessary additional costs.

Bring your operational costs down

When you track the utilisation of your connected smart truck fleet you can easily determine your ideal fleet size, as well as streamline processes, equipment, and maintenance requirements. This is how I_Site helps you to take action when needed, lowering both your operational and service costs.

As the I_Site application comes with a range of safety features, you will have the means to minimise costs due to accidents and damage. In addition, by staying ahead of the game you will also be able to keep insurance costs down.

Fewer technical interventions

By constantly monitoring your connected machines you will understand when preventive action is needed. If a forklift has a service issue, this can immediately be reported via the I_Site app and fixed by a Toyota service technician as soon as possible. All in all, you will benefit from fewer service visits, minimised downtime, and consequently, reduced costs.

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More insights in the VELUX central warehouse

As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX creates a better living environment and quality of life under the roof. I_Site fleet management system provides support in this. 

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Danske Fragtmænd improves productivity & safety with I_Site

Danske Fragtmaend's terminal in Taulov has introduced the fleet management tool I_Site, which gives a complete overview of the terminal's 42 trucks.

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Toyota supplies Natures Menu with drive-in racking for cold store

Natures Menu got a complete logistics solution offered by Toyota to store their frozen raw pet food. The drive-in racking solution within their cold store warehouse can store almost 1000 pallets.

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Ecochem opts for racking and shuttle system

Ecochem International produces fire retardant additives based on environmentally friendly chemicals in its new factory in Willebroek. Ecochem opted not only for Toyota forklift trucks, but also for the racking and shuttle system.

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