Stay on top of risk and safety management

Use the clever connectivity features in the I_Site application to control access to your equipment, avoid costly damage, and improve your proactive risk management.

Truck speed management

When collisions occur, speed is often a key factor. Prevent risks and hazardous work situations in your warehouse by using I_Site to control the operational speed of your trucks.


Shock monitoring brings down cost

A collision might not only injure drivers and others working in the warehouse, but also cause damage to your smart forklift trucks, equipment, warehouse racking, and goods. By providing your connected smart trucks with shock sensors you get a full overview of number of collisions registered, when they happened, at which speed, and ultimately – why they happened. This way you can define the root cause of the problem, and prevent similar situations in the future. Immediately after a collision you can make sure a truck slows down to creep speed, and won't perform at full capacity until it has been checked and reset by an authorised person. If the incident is more serious, you can lock out the truck completely.


One step ahead with pre-operational check and safety procedure

I_Site makes it easier for you to keep track of which drivers are allowed to drive certain types of forklifts. To further prevent accidents and make sure that your connected smart trucks are in perfect shape, the I_Site application can also ask authorised employees to run a pre-operational check and a safety procedure before starting up the truck.


Remote control – effective monitoring from anywhere

Keeping track of multiple sites, especially from a distance, is not always that easy. No matter where you are, you need to stay in control and make sure you can take care of every issue as quickly as possible. Thanks to the I_Site mobile application, you can instantly be aware at anytime of what is happening, with the possibility to take action if necessary.

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Join the I_Site Team challenge!

Why not let your strive for increased safety also drive staff engagement and team spirit? Let's get started.

Combine the Toyota I_Site application with rewarding gamification

We have developed a game based on the telematics generated from your I_Site safety data. When starting the Team Challenge on your I_Site application, forklift drivers and other team members can compete to create a safer work environment. The challenge involves drivers and encourages them to do better – together.

The Team Challenge is set up with 2-10 teams of 5-25 participants and one team leader in each team. The competition lasts for 1-9 weeks and begins with a start-up session with all the Team Challenge participants present. The teams then challenge each other while working as usual. Scores, feedback, and reports are continuously supplied on a weekly basis, keeping everyone up to date on their team's progress.

Together the teams and the entire staff will benefit from a reduced risk of injuries, shocks, and damage, as well as safer driving behaviour and improved team spirit. So for keeping up the good work, don't forget to reward the winners!

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More insights in the VELUX central warehouse

As the world's largest manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX creates a better living environment and quality of life under the roof. I_Site fleet management system provides support in this. 

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Danske Fragtmænd improves productivity & safety with I_Site

Danske Fragtmaend's terminal in Taulov has introduced the fleet management tool I_Site, which gives a complete overview of the terminal's 42 trucks.

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Toyota supplies Natures Menu with drive-in racking for cold store

Natures Menu got a complete logistics solution offered by Toyota to store their frozen raw pet food. The drive-in racking solution within their cold store warehouse can store almost 1000 pallets.

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Ecochem opts for racking and shuttle system

Ecochem International produces fire retardant additives based on environmentally friendly chemicals in its new factory in Willebroek. Ecochem opted not only for Toyota forklift trucks, but also for the racking and shuttle system.

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