Toyota cold store reach trucks

Toyota cold store reach trucks offer operator comfort at Financière Saint-Louis

Toyota Material Handling has provided innovative solutions to the Financière Saint-Louis (FSL) for years. Recently, they introduced a number of Toyota BT Reflex cold store reach trucks with lithium-ion batteries and I_Site fleet management.
Toyota BT Reflex reach truck in cold store

About Financière Saint-Louis 

For over three decades, Toyota Material Handling has been a trusted partner of the Financière Saint-Louis (FSL) group, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and innovation. Founded as a family business in 1986, the group operates in logistics and refrigerated transport. FSL began its journey with a single cold storage facility in Central Brittany. Today, it has grown to own 9 logistics centres, employing 260 people and handling a staggering 1.6 million pallets annually across 124,000 frozen storage locations. 

Facts & figures 

  • Company: Financière Saint-Louis 
  • Location: St-Maur-des-Fossés, France 
  • Sector: transportation, logistics, supply chain and storage 
  • Storage capacity: 15,500 pallets
  • Products: 5 Toyota BT Reflex RRE20HECC cold store (with both li-ion and lead- acid batteries), 6 Toyota BT Levio LPE250, 1 Toyota Traigo48 
Working comfortably in Toyota BT Reflex cold store reach truck


A partnership rooted in quality excellence 

The partnership between Toyota Material Handling and FSL exemplifies a commitment to quality excellence and continuous improvement. This collaboration has been instrumental in supporting FSL’s operations, particularly at Essonne Frigorifique, a site for refrigerated storage the group has managed since 2016. With approximately 10 employees handling 800 to 1,000 pallets daily, the demands of working in a sub-zero environment are considerable. Recognising these challenges, FSL sought to enhance the comfort and efficiency of their operators, turning to Toyota for solutions. 

Thomas Thoulouzan, Regional Director of the group, had this to say about the project:  
Working conditions in an environment with negative temperatures are difficult and we wanted to offer additional comfort to our employees. That’s why we approached Toyota Material Handling.”  


Innovations in cold storage 

One of the key innovations introduced by Toyota Material Handling is the latest version of the Toyota BT Reflex reach truck, designed specifically for cold store operations. This advanced reach truck features a heated enclosed cab, an exclusive Toyota offering that significantly reduces the operator’s physical strain. The tilting cab is another unique feature, designed to improve visibility and safety, ensuring that operators can work more comfortably and efficiently in the harsh cold storage conditions. 

Operators have applauded the new design, praising the improved driving position and the comfort of the heated cab. “The cabin is very comfortable and we feel less cold. It's a pleasure to drive,” one operator noted, emphasising the positive impact on the daily work experience. 

Toyota BT Reflex cold store reach truck with fleet management

Embracing technological advancements 

In 2016, FSL implemented I_Site from Toyota Material Handling, a comprehensive fleet management software that revolutionised the way the group manages its operations across all sites. This intuitive connectivity tool provides operators with essential information via a touchscreen interface, enhancing productivity and safety. The integration of I_Site has allowed FSL to monitor and optimise their fleet’s performance, leading to significant improvements in operational efficiency. 

The introduction of lithium-ion battery technology marks another milestone in the FSL-Toyota partnership. Before, the process of swapping lead-acid batteries between stations was a significant logistical challenge. By switching to Li-ion batteries, FSL has eliminated the need for a dedicated charging room and streamlined their charging process. These batteries charge quickly and can be plugged in at any charging zone, reducing manoeuvring time, risk of damage or injury, and overall operational downtime. 

Toyota warehouse trucks with Lithium-ion batteries

Looking ahead 

The long-standing partnership between Toyota Material Handling and Financière Saint-Louis is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. By continuously embracing new technologies and solutions, FSL has not only enhanced its operational capabilities but also ensured a better working environment for its employees. 

The implementation of cutting-edge technologies like the Toyota BT Reflex reach truck and lithium-ion battery solutions positions FSL to meet the evolving demands of the logistics industry while maintaining their competitive edge. 

Looking to the future, this shared commitment to quality excellence and efficiency will undoubtedly continue to drive success, providing lasting benefits for both the company and its employees. 

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