Flexibility and high throughput are the wins Adveo take from Toyota’s storage solution

The 23,000 sqm Adveo site at Dammartin-en-Goële is a great example of logistics engineering in terms of racking installations. Adveo’s regional team and Toyota Material Handling’s Logistic Solutions support team in France collaborated harmoniously to make the new storage project a success.

About Adveo

ADVEO is one of the main European players in the wholesale distribution of office supplies, services and solutions. Leader in France and Benelux, the ADVEO group distributes more than 20,000 stock keeping units from these regional logistics centres. 

Facts & figures: 

Growth drives change

To continue supporting customers in their growth, Adveo chose to increase their product listing. With more than 20,000 sku’s available in stock, Adveo France has the widest product offer on the market. Therefore, building a new warehouse to support quick and efficient distribution was essential. Meeting speed and quality requirements has become increasingly important in today’s logistic world. 
Having been a Toyota client solely for forklifts for several years, Adveo commissioned the layout design of the new building complete with racking, guiding and trucks to Toyota. The new site supported the centralisation of Adveo’s logistics in the region and also needed to  

  • enhance capacity and automation of the order picking process  
  • increase (even double) storage capacity by introducing high bay areas (based on number of sku’s and swift rotation)
  • improve logistics performance of the group, key for Adveo’s development 

“At the start of this project”, Didier Renau, Sales Representative Storage Systems at Toyota Material Handling France, explains, “we suggested several proposals of different warehouse layouts and different storage solutions to see what model would best fit all of Adveo’s needs.” To that he adds: “Requirements grew as the project progressed.”  

Adveo wanted a partner that could support in their project from start to finish. Romain Thénard, Supply Chain Director at Adveo, admits: “Our job is to prepare orders, not to define all the technical elements in site building. We lack the engineering capabilities to do so.” 

Toyota was able to help in the design, the definition, the implementation, the execution and even in the financing. 

A complete storage solution: racking, guiding and material handling equipment

In this project there are 2 large areas. Both are completely different in set-up. One is a high bay storage area with very narrow aisles where VNA trucks make the storage capacity denser. The aim was to store as many pallets as possible: one pallet, one stock keeping unit. The other is a conventional storage area with reach trucks where there is a lot more ground floor picking going on. Additionally, there is a dynamic box area for finer picking, something Adveo specifically requested. 


Putting up all the racking, 7 levels of storage (ground floor, 1990, 3030, 4070, 6098, 8126, and 10154 mm), took two teams of fitters (8 in total) eight weeks. Installing the guidance system took an additional month to complete. Roughly 290 tonnes of racking , 16.000 mesh decks and 90 dynamic shelve beds with rollers were put in place. 

“We are highly satisfied with the choices we made”, Romain Thénard testifies, “We now have the performance level we aimed for on all types of equipment. The reason we were able to achieve this is mainly because the compatibility of the storage equipment and the material handling equipment was analysed and cross checked on site beforehand.” He continues, “Toyota’s proposal, falling within our budget, ticked all the boxes:”  


  • A complete offer including engineering, trucks, racking, charging room, services and even financing.  
  • Centralised storage on one site, flexibility in storage models (standard and VNA), the high capacity and the picking option with VNA. 
  • The joint forces of our regional commercial team and Toyota’s Logistic Solutions technical support team was impeccable: the collaboration was very constructive. 

Further developments

The customer opted for the traditional energy solution which meant that a separate charging room had to be built to accommodate the lead-acid battery charging process. At Toyota Material Handling this is part of the full storage solution. Exactly what Adveo was looking for. 

In the next phase of the project, Adveo may equip their operational management with I_Site from Toyota to improve security and safety of products, trucks, racking and personnel, but also to better manage cost control. They are also expanding their fleet with additional rental trucks from Toyota.


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