Toyota's AGV automation software T-ONE

Toyota presents its new intelligent AGV automation software T-ONE

Toyota Material Handling Europe introduced its new intelligent in-house developed automation software, T-ONE, at the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart (13-15 March). T-ONE (Optimise – Navigate – Execute) applies one-step-ahead-thinking and is part of Toyota’s lean approach to optimise efficiency and warehouse resource utilisation. T-ONE is at the heart of Toyota’s automated solutions integrating customer processes and providing a full overview and control of the material flow.

T-ONE is installed as an integration layer communicating with the Toyota Autopilot automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and existing infrastructure such as warehouse management systems, goods identification and other material handling equipment.

The intelligent software offers operational robustness and flexibility for easy scaling of operations and quick commissioning. This makes it suitable for applications with a significant number of vehicles.

"T-ONE is a key enabler to automate and create highly efficient operations. Our customers will benefit from a continuous flow in their operations and smooth integration with on-site systems," says Hans Larsson, Director Logistics Solutions at Toyota Material Handling Europe, “making the step towards automation easier.”

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Optimise flow and efficiency

T-ONE optimises how orders are being executed, and how vehicles are routed and utilised, always maintaining a continuous material flow. The system also enables easy scalability of the operation. If increased throughput or extension of the current operation is necessary, vehicles can easily be added to the existing system with minimal effort. All information can be viewed via a graphical user interface, with access to KPIs to continuously improve the processes.

Navigate intelligently and quickly

Thanks to the advanced fleet control, T-ONE always chooses the most ideal path for the AGVs, reducing waiting time and travels without a load. The entire vehicle fleet is dynamically (re-)routed by continuously planning for optimal vehicle utilisation according to fleet status, available floor space, storage buffers and current order queue. In addition, T-ONE (re-)assigns orders to the best-suited vehicle, taking the overall picture and delivery time into account.

Execute safely and accurately

Thanks to intelligent order assignment and continuous optimal route planning, all loads are delivered when and where needed, accurately and efficiently. The software communicates with other systems to know precisely when a load needs to be picked up, providing robust and efficient order processing to guarantee a continuous flow and optimal vehicle utilisation.

15 March 2018

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