Smart logistics

Connect your trucks to be in control of your operations

  • Warehouse trucks ordered from October 2018 are smart trucks
  • Integrated telematics hardware as standard
  • Easy upgrade to I_Site application

Smart trucks are equipped with telematics hardware to connect easily to I_Site, the application that allows you to monitor trucks utilisation and driver behaviour. With one simple click the technology can be activated which allows you to monitor your operations and use this data to improve your business.

AI-based future logistics

Lean logistics & a continuous flow is a challenge now, and even more in the future. Our solution? Teamwork between trucks thanks to artificial intelligence, sending the right trucks to the right place at the right time. For a maximum value-added operation with extreme optimisation, and zero waste in energy, time and space as a result.

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Our vision for the future

Our Logiconomi approach

Apply lean thinking to logistics

  • Working with our stakeholders on latest trends
  • Give answers
  • Inspire for the future

Logiconomi is the word we use to describe its way of thinking - aiming for lean processes, eliminating waste, maximising efficiency and reducing cost. All with the help of innovation and collaboration with like-minded partners.

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Toyota and Vanderlande offering full automated solutions

Full automated solutions from Vanderlande

Thanks to our sister company Vanderlande we’re also able to offer a wide range of integrated solutions (innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services) to implement fast, reliable and efficient fully automated technology in your operations. Find out more at Vanderlande >

Smart trucks

Make your trucks smart with our award-winning I_Site

  • Monitor performance of trucks and operators
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce costs

Our approach to making your material handling operations safer and more efficient. Toyota trucks are connected using Toyota I_Site technology, creating smart trucks that give you insights into managing your operations in the most efficient way.

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The Toyota Way

Our mission is to bring exceptional efficiency to your material handling operations, which is why we apply a set of values called the Toyota Way.


Manager looking at I_Site on iPad

I_Site fleet management

I_Site connects your fleet, collects the data and gives you an overview of what’s happening and tells you how to optimise your operation.

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An autopilot doing horizontal transportation

Automated solutions

Our automated range of trucks and load carriers offers advanced, flexible solutions for more efficient, cost-effective goods handling.


Li-ion: The way to go

Maintenance-free batteries that make it possible for your trucks to run around the clock. Learn more about our lithium-ion batteries as the power source for your next Toyota truck.