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Toyota Material Handling presents Smart Dynamics at CeMAT 2016

Hanover, 31st May 2016 - With Smart Dynamics, Toyota Material Handling presents its ultimate approach to making material handling operations safer and more efficient: Toyota trucks are connected using Toyota’s I_Site technology, creating Smart Trucks, that allow customers to monitor performance of trucks and operators, improving safety and reducing costs.

Smart Dynamics is a unique way to effectively manage material handling operations by monitoring all truck and driver activities. Toyota’s I_Site technology can be fitted to all machines in the Toyota range – including retrofitting to approved used machines. The result is connected ‘Smart Trucks’ that are continuously transmitting and receiving data via standard telecommunication networks.

The data is available via the I_Site web portal or mobile app where a wide range of information can be accessed via so-called TABs. The TABs provide information about truck utilisation levels, battery charge status, and several other factors that give a complete overview of operations.

A good example is the operator licence and authorisation TAB, which allows customers to determine which truck each operator is qualified to drive, and to appoint a PIN code to these trucks for authorised drives. I_Site also offers a TAB that requires a pre-operational check to be performed before the truck can be used.

Since the cost of impacts is significant in many operations, a TAB registering shocks is of key importance. These shocks can be measured from light to heavy, and if necessary a consequence can be determined, such as immobilisation of a truck for further analysis. This type of safety feature is equally useful in smaller operations, as well as larger fleets, because it means the responsible manager is immediately alerted – regardless of his or her location - thanks to the mobile app.

The range of TABs that are available is continuously evolving. For instance service cost data is now also available, connecting to Toyota’s service data systems. One of the innovations in progress includes fleet benchmarking, which will enable operators to compare, for example, utilisation and shock performance levels with those of other fleet users.

The concept of Smart Dynamics is that the information from TABs in I_Site, which is currently fitted on Toyota trucks across the globe, allows customers to focus on different aspects of their operations such as safety, operator standards and utilisation levels. They can then decide to take steps such as additional training, sharing of information with drivers or better truck availability planning to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Toyota Material Handling will present the Smart Dynamics concept in the dome at Pavilion 32 until 3 June on the Hanover fairground. Visitors have the chance to discover all the possibilities of Smart Trucks, and have the opportunity to ask more information from Toyota specialists. On top of this, everyone is also welcome to share their wishes and suggestions for Smart Dynamics.

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