CeMAT 2018 - Think Like Toyota


THINK : LIKE : TOYOTA is the theme for Toyota Material Handling at CeMAT 2018 (booth P32). Toyota will be sharing its approach to ‘lean logistics’ based on the Toyota Production System, reflecting the company’s commitment to improving the overall efficiency of logistics operations in its Europe-wide customer base.

"Our brand has a well-established reputation for quality and efficiency in our manufacturing processes, and the Toyota Production System has become the model for other manufactures in many different industries worldwide” explains Matthias Fischer, President and CEO, Toyota Material Handling Europe. “We use the same principles and apply them to logistics processes, with the same goals – elimination of waste, maximum value-added and total quality, which means the right goods, in the right place, at the right time. Our aim is to work with our customers to share our thinking and help them to improve efficiencies at every stage of the process – hence our theme, Think : Like : Toyota.”

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Toyota will be presenting a series of new developments at CeMAT 2018, including a representation of how automation is progressively being introduced within its own factories.

“We have the benefit of being our own test customer,” continues Matthias Fischer. “The Toyota group is using over 16,500 trucks in more than 650 factories worldwide – so we share the same challenges and opportunities that our customers face. We believe in leading by example.”

Telematics will be another key focus area for Toyota, with the latest developments for the Toyota I_Site system, which is believed to be the market-leading platform for connected truck operations with approximately 60,000 smart trucks already operating with over 250,000 drivers. Among the benefits is the possibility to connect it with Toyota’s new mobile service platform for its technicians, which is fully integrated with the I_Site system resulting in unprecedented efficiency levels and minimum downtime, thereby further eliminating waste of resource.

Toyota will also be showing some of its latest truck concepts, and a virtual reality feature to allow customers to design and envisage a lean warehouse and production area.

At the centre of the Toyota pavilion will be a special ‘Logiconomi Forum” with daily briefings and keynote presentations, focusing on lean operations, connectivity, safety, future innovations and automation. The programme includes a headline presentation by Sam Nomura from Japan, a leading expert on Toyota’s lean-thinking.

CeMAT is taking place between 23 and 27 April at the Hannover fairground, Germany. Toyota Material Handling Europe will exhibit at its usual high-profile location at pavilion P32.
For further information please visit: https://toyota-forklifts.eu/cemat-2018/



6 February 2018

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Future technology

Smart Logistics and Logiconomi give you solutions available today and show our vision for the future.


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The Toyota Way

Our mission is to bring exceptional efficiency to your material handling operations, which is why we apply a set of values called the Toyota Way.


Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.


Our Logiconomi approach


A forward-thinking approach to development of efficient, economic logistics processes, involving lean-practices, innovation and collaboration.