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Albert Heijn relies on I_Site for a safer, cost-efficient operation

Thanks to I_Site, Albert Heijn’s entire fleet management is controlled by Toyota Material Handling, allowing maintenance costs and damage to infrastructure to be reduced to a minimum.
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Smart Access

Albert Heijn opted for Smart Access, a feature that requires employees to start up the truck using their badge. On top of this, the truck will also ask for a digital pre-operational check before it can be started.

The operator is then responsible for carrying out the check on the machine, by deciding if it is safe to operate. This way, the driver is involved in the process, which not only increases his sense of ownership, but also the safety in the environment of the driver and his colleagues.

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More responsibility leads to less damage

“I noticed that the drivers find the pre-operational check very important, as they have to carry out the complete start-up check to ensure they are working with a safe vehicle,” explains Dirk-Jan van Lienden, Supervisor at Albert Heijn supply chain.

“After two years since the implementation of I_Site, our employees notably handle the trucks with more care. As a result, there is a major decrease in accidents.”

The return on investment was calculated to be 3 years, with an expected reduction of 30% on damage costs and a 5% reduction on both maintenance and repair costs. Taking the actual figures into account, Albert Heijn foresees a return on investment of 2,5 years, exceeding the initial expectations.

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About Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands with almost 900 stores and 6 distribution centres. Every week, they deliver about 13 million packages to their stores. To support this large scale operation, Albert Heijn uses over 1.500 electric trucks from Toyota Material Handling. In order to reduce damage and maintenance costs, I_Site was implemented as a fleet management system at Albert Heijn’s warehouse two years ago. I_Site’s data handling unit, which is installed on the trucks, allows for a variety of applications and features to be added.

  • Location: Geldermalsen, Nieuwegein, Tilburg Pijnacker, Zaandam and Zwolle; the Netherlands
  • Industry: retail
  • Employees: over 100.000 people are working for the brand Albert Heijn in the Netherlands
  • Toyota trucks: electric trucks, among which order pickers and reach trucks
  • Applications: order picking, replenishment, loading/unloading
  • Shifts: 2
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I_Site fleet management

I_Site connects your fleet, collects the data and gives you an overview of what’s happening and tells you how to optimise your operation.

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