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Discover the connected & Smart Trucks from Toyota

Toyota warehouse trucks are smart as standard

Do you know exactly how much time your trucks are actually driving around the warehouse? Or how much downtime some of the trucks in your operations are experiencing? Could there be a solution to optimise service intervals and lower overall cost? Now, there is an easy way to monitor and be in control of your operations, allowing you to improve efficiency, productivity and safety. Warehouse trucks from Toyota Material Handling that are ordered after October 2018 are delivered with integrated telematics. At Toyota we are taking the lead in this industry with smart trucks as standard because we want to offer you the trucks and tools for a lean logistics operation.

Explore the features of a Smart Truck

As standard, Smart Trucks from Toyota give you an overview of running hours, utilisation, service and rental data, as well as the possibility to do a mobile service request. In order to take control of your operations you can have an easy overview of your smart trucks in the fleet list. You can also track your truck utilisation in terms of the operating hours to schedule maintenance at exactly the right time, eliminating waste in service time and cost. For maximum uptime of your equipment, you can easily contact your service team with the app.

Fleet list overview

You will have access to a web portal and an overview of all smart trucks on site. See meters running, fleet numbers, service & rental contract data.

Truck utilisation

Track your operating hours and tailor the service intervals to give your truck a longer lifecycle.

Service requests

Get in touch with your service team via the web portal or app by sending a picture and/or a message.

I_Site fleet management

With one click you can activate I_Site to monitor your trucks and drivers to improve when necessary.

How upgrading to I_Site will benefit your operations

5 reasons how smart trucks can improve your business – for a maximum value-added operation with extreme optimisation, and zero waste in energy, time and space as a result.

Smart Trucks connecting your business

How do Smart Trucks today prepare my business for the future?

As of today, smart trucks will help you to secure the future of your logistics operations. By gathering and analysing data of your smart trucks, you will be able to continuously optimise different areas in your business. You will be able to prolong the lifecycle of your equipment and optimise the amount of trucks during specific periods in the year. You will also enjoy alternative commercial offers that suit your business needs such as rental trucks paid by the hour. And even predictive service to avoid any downtime in the future.

How do smart trucks contribute to lean operations?

In a world where everything is connected, smart trucks provide you with the right information to make sure you are in total control and can improve efficiency in your operation. You will be able to measure and improve, even taking action from a distance. Whether you are a one-truck customer or have a big fleet of forklift trucks across multiple sites globally. The result? A lean operation with extreme optimisation, and zero waste in energy, time and space.

Our vision on Smart Logistics

Everything you need to know about Smart Trucks from Toyota

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