Jishuken project

We use the authentic Toyota Jishuken method as preferred project model to accelerate your business performance. In a Jishuken project we isolate a specific process or problem to solve or improve.

Like many Japanese words, Jishuken is not easy to translate, but implies 'self-motivated skill enhancement' which centres around the fundamental core of continuous improvement.

- Ji: myself
- Shu: Self-Motivating
- Ken: Study and learn

The purpose of Jishuken is:
- Human resources development
- Strengthening of the company

During a Jishuken project we focus on the area you define as a high priority to improve, related to the company business targets. The Jishuken team, composed of both TLA members and your employees, analyses your current condition thoroughly using Toyota standardised work methods (such as the Yamazumi chart, combination table, etc.) and tools to determine the gap and identify improvement potential.

The Jishuken approach targets both the strengthening of the company as well as the human resources development. By joining the jishuken team together with the TLA expert, the knowledge transition will take place during the team work at the gemba, which is the best place to learn. The learnings are guaranteed since the Jishuken team together implements the identified improvement potential. The Jishuken follows a clear agenda, emphasising the PDCA philosophy which promotes thorough planning before quick and powerful execution.

The Jishuken project takes on average 6 months of which 40 days are spent with Toyota Lean Academy advisors.

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