Tow tractors

Pedestrian tow tractors

  • Ergonomic & intuitive
  • Up to 1,5 t
  • Up to 4,5 km/h

Designed for easy movement of load carriers, the pedestrian-operated tow tractors are compact, manoeuvrable and easy to use. The Tracto W-series can handle roll cages of up to 1.5 tonnes with minimal effort, even on rough surfaces. These load carriers can easily be attached or detached for increased productivity.

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Stand-in tow tractors

  • Variety of load carriers
  • Up to 13 km/h
  • Up to 5t

Designed for order picking and horizontal transport in manufacturing, the stand-in models of Toyota Tracto N/S-series are easy to get on and off thanks to their low step-in height and wide floor space. These electric towing trucks with energy-efficient motor provide smooth acceleration, improving productivity and contributing to lean processes into applications.

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Rider-seated tow tractors

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 8 t
  • Up to 18 km/h

Designed for transportation over long distances, the rider-seated models offer high travel speeds and great driver comfort. The Toyota Tracto R-series and Simai models are perfect for moving components in production facilities or other indoor/outdoor towing work.

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High towing capacity

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Up to 50 t
  • Up to 25 km/h

With their high towing capacity of up to 50 tonnes, the electric Toyota Tracto R-series and heavy-duty Simai range are built for intense applications and long-distance transportation. Perfect for luggage handling or transportation of heavy loads in industrial or production environments.


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