The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder: it’s clear that winter is right around the corner. This also affects the working conditions and the equipment used inside and especially outside of your warehouse. But how can you continue your operations safely?

Here are some tips for preparing your forklifts and drivers for winter:

Safety first

Identify all possible hazards in the winter, including:

  • Snow and ice
  • Wet conditions
  • Slippery conditions
  • Limited visibility
  • Cold 


Operator protection

Make sure your operators wear proper winter gear, including

  • Winter clothing that is wind-proof
  • Warm gloves and a hat
  • High-visibility vest


Forklift protection

Like any other vehicle, forklifts require to be equipped with the appropriate winter attire:

  • Winter tyres: pneumatic tyres and tyres with chains guarantee traction and stability on slippery surfaces
  • Weather-proof cabins, or you can opt for a forklift cover instead
  • Functioning lighting


Forklift operation checklist:



  • Check the lighting
  • Check fuel and fluid levels
  • Allow the forklift to warm up properly



  • Slow down. Only go as fast as conditions will safely allow
  • Ensure sufficient visibility
  • Continually monitor working conditions for limited visibility and slippery surfaces



  • Clean your truck properly
  • Make sure to schedule preventive maintenance
  • Take extra care of the batteries
  • Keep track of any reported issues
  • Store equipment that is not being used during winter in a dry area

Questions? Schedule winter maintenance and we’ll get you ready to beat the cold.