Toyota’s electric forklifts supporting logistics at MSI Services

Toyota Material Handling has supplied MSI Services with 15 electric counterbalanced forklifts and 8 powered pallet trucks for internal transport. Quality and service at a good price were the decisive factors in selecting Toyota as a supplier.

Facts & Figures

About MSI

MSI Services specialises in logistics and industrial cleaning, therefore their trucks need to operate in both warehouses and washing facilities. The company takes care of the receiving and warehousing of goods from its customers. "We inspect the goods, store them and prepare each pallet on demand for the different companies. Storing is our main activity, which we manage on a day-to-day basis but also for longer periods. If requested by the customer, we also take care of the transport," says Geert Braeckman, owner and founder of MSI Services. A second department of the company is specialised in industrial cleaning, with washing facilities for plastic packaging. "Since each carrier (pallets, containers, boxes or chocolate moulds) has its own specific features, and we strive for a perfectly clean and dry result, it's essential to have five washing facilities at our disposal," says Geert Braeckman.

Entirely electric forklift fleet

Toyota Material Handling has been a logistic supplier for the company since the foundation in 2006. MSI Services currently has a fleet of 15 counterbalanced forklifts and 8 powered pallet trucks. The warehouse fleet is completely electric, since all trucks are used inside. The powered pallet trucks take care of the loading and unloading of the lorries. The counterbalanced trucks unload lorries and manage all internal transportation within the company, bringing goods to the production lines.

"The only aspect in which our forklifts and pallet trucks differ from other models is the length of the forks. We use forklifts with forks as long as 1.8 and 1.9 metres, while one of our electric powered pallet trucks is equipped with extra-long forks. With a fork length of 2.4 metres, 3 Europallets can be transported at the same time," explains Geert Braeckman. All forklifts and warehouse trucks at MSI Services have a weight capacity between 1.5 and 2 tonnes. MSI Services has both three and four-wheel forklifts in operation. "We have three warehouses and some aisles are rather narrow, which requires a manoeuvrable machine," says Geert Braeckman.

Right advise at right time

The collaboration between MSI Services and Toyota has grown over time. Quality and excellent service at a fair price were decisive factors for us from the beginning", says Geert Braeckman. And he immediately adds another aspect in which Toyota excels in his eyes: "The sales representative from Toyota is very committed to his customers: he always gives the right advice at the right time. This shows that your supplier not only knows what he's talking about but also thinks along with the customer. Commercially the story of Toyota works very well: they share tips with you, visit you to share interesting campaigns and, if necessary, bring you in contact with subcontractors who can offer you ready-made solutions, which was the case when we were looking for a solution with extended forks."

Full service for intense operations

The trucks at MSI Services are under a lot of pressure: they work two shifts, day in and day out and the first service is scheduled after six months. "In the beginning we opted for a full service twice a year, but when we renewed a few trucks recently, we also requested a preventive maintenance contract so that Toyota can take over the service administration," explains Geert Braeckman, who emphasises the fact that the trucks purchased back in 2006 still run to this day.

MSI Services almost exclusively buys new forklift trucks. "Our warehouse trucks are essential to our activities: we cannot afford to have them stand still. That's why we don't even consider older used trucks. Toyota meets our demand for reliability and availability, and makes the difference with their approach that I would describe as professional, easily reachable and quick to handle things."

Our powered pallet trucks

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