Two AGVs operating in a warehouse

Toyota AGVs support efficient 24/7 operations at Jaylo and SKF

Toyota as an automation partner for Jaylo on all levels: from solution design to implementation to support.

About Jaylo and cooperation with SKF

Jaylo is a global transport and logistic company, with over two decades of experience in the sector. The main headquarters are situated in Tudela in Spain, with more offices in Spain and France. In 2020, they have built a new warehouse in Tudela, less than 100 metres away from their customer SKF. SKF is a manufacturer of bearings, mainly for the wheel hub. In an initial setup, lorries were delivering material from SKF to Jaylo (and vice versa) daily. However, unique to the project, in 2021 they connected the SKF production facilities with the Jaylo warehouse via a tunnel, with automated shuttles, to replace these transports.

Facts and figures

  • Company: Jaylo
  • Location: Tudela, Spain
  • Sector: Logistics and transport (including warehouse logistics, road, maritime and air transportation)
  • Solutions: 4 automated reach trucks at Jaylo, 2 automated stackers at SKF

Increasing efficiency over long distance

To cover the long-distance transport through the tunnel, Toyota Material Handling implemented 4 RAE160s, automated reach trucks at Jaylo and 2 SAE160s, automated stackers at SKF. Pallets are now moved via a fully automated tunnel with the help of the AGVs continuously in both directions. This has helped to establish just-in-time deliveries with minimal waiting times, reducing the costs of the deliveries and gaining productivity and efficiency. This helps to increase Jaylo’s competitiveness.


Automation as a tool

“The arrival of the automated trucks does not threaten our employees”, explains Alfonso Zubeldia, Project Manager at Jaylo. “They see the trucks as an extra tool that can help them to increase their work efficiency. For the jobs that were taken over by the trucks, these employees are now specialised in another operation.”

Continuous improvement and operations with T-ONE software

To operate the AGVs, Jaylo’s warehouse management system is integrated in Toyota’s software solution: T-ONE. “T-ONE keeps track of the system and the Autopilots, managing the order priorities and traffic management of the Toyota AGVs,” explains Daniel Garcés, Logistic Manager at Jaylo.
“Next to this, T-ONE also helps to analyse the performance of the AGVs, both at Jaylo and SKF in real time. This helps to improve our operations even more over time. Not only do we monitor the location of the products, like on the ground or in the racking, but we also look at the products with the highest rotation and the most active locations. By improving these processes, we increase the efficiency of the AGVs.”

“In the beginning of the project, we couldn’t handle all pallets on time before the AGVs lithium-ion battery was running empty”, says Carlos Muñoz, Toyota Material Handling Spain’s Application Engineer. “With the data from T-ONE, we have optimised the charging times and breaks, and we created a charging schedule, so now even during peak moments there are always AGVs available to handle orders and meet 24/7 operations requirement.” After business hours, the AGVs continue their operations. “The main gain since starting with the AGVs, is operating 24 hours and being able to cover a night shift with only one operator to manage the AGVs”, continues Daniel.

Preventive maintenance

After the delivery of the project, the cooperation didn’t stop. Thanks to the preventive maintenance package from Toyota, any mechanical problems the machines may have are reduced to a minimum. Toyota also calibrates the machines, and a service technician comes on a regular basis. Automation comes with the responsibility to keep a clean warehouse: Jaylo and SKF employees take care of the daily cleaning, keeping the sensors clean from dust and the warehouse tidy.

Next steps

The positive story of this entire project doesn’t stop here. With the first automation steps, incidents concerning damaged and dropped goods have evolved to almost zero, and operations are as busy as ever. Jaylo, SKF and Toyota Material Handling will continue the partnership, working together step-by-step to automate next processes, with one additional truck confirmed for SKF.

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