Limburgs Bandag Bedrijf switches to electric with Toyota Traigo80

Limburgs Bandag Bedrijf (LBB), part of the Q-TEAM Group, is gradually switching to electric with Toyota Traigo80. The rubber expert gives tyres a second, and even third, life through the most advanced retreading and recapping techniques.

About LBB 

Limburgs Bandag Bedrijf specialises in renewing and repairing car tyres and tyres for lorries, busses, and agricultural machinery. In collaboration with Bandag Bridgestone, they recap about 14,000 tyres per year. 


Facts & figures

  • Industry: Rubber and tyres
  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Number of forklifts: 6 counterbalanced trucks (gas and electric)
  • Application: tyre handling and transport

Replacing LPG by electric forklifts 

“We currently have six forklift trucks on site. One half runs on gas and the other half are electric forklift trucks. We plan to replace the other gas-powered trucks with electric ones as well,” says Stefan Lesage, company manager at LBB, “These are also somewhat heavier because we do not only transport, but also handle unwieldy material.” 

LLB had an outdated fleet of forklift trucks with machines being about 20 years old. Therefore, they were in need of replacement, and so LBB had to check their options. “That's how we ended up contacting Toyota Material Handling and we replaced the first two gas-powered machines with electric ones,” according to Stefan. 

“Because we work in recycling, which is ultimately a green business, of course we want to continue along that line in all our activities. That is why we also switched to electric forklift trucks,” he continues. 

Efficient lorry loading with dedicated clamps 

After a visit from Toyota Material Handling and partner Durwen (attachment specialist), the technical specifications of the forklift truck’s configuration were discussed in more detail. For example, a special tyre clamp was chosen. 

“We use the tyre clamp for stacking tyres in stacks of 8 to 12 pieces. This is important for efficient material placement, both during loading and unloading,” Stefan explains. 

Comfort and safety 

LBB attaches great importance to the comfort and safety of its employees.  “Since our people spend the whole day outside on the forklift and the weather is often bad, it is important that they can do their job happily and safely. The quietness of the forklift truck, for example, is a good example of extra comfort.”

The various safety systems on the forklift are a nice bonus as extra supervision is not always available. 


Appreciated service 

LBB was looking for a partner they could trust, both in terms of knowledge and service. 

“Toyota Material Handling has worked out well for us, both for the operators and for me,”  Stefan acknowledges. “Even the repair after a minor collision was also done very quickly.” 

“I would certainly recommend Toyota because of the quality of their premium brand and the service they provide,” he concludes. 


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