Discover why Rozenhoeve chose our LWI160 Lithium-ion truck

Dairy farm Rozenhoeve recently bought the electric pallet truck BT Levio LWI160 built around the lithium-ion battery from Toyota. Discover all about it in the testimonial below.

Facts & figures

Lithium-ion power in compact design

Eierhandel Rozenhoeve needed an upgrade as their small manual pallet trucks could no longer handle the heavy work. Ultimately, the LWI160 was chosen, an electric pallet truck built around a lithium-ion battery, that offers a smaller, lighter design. "I use the LWI160 every day, since it’s a compact machine that is very easy to handle. Ideal for use in the lorry when delivering to customers," says Peter Vanderhaegen, owner of Rozenhoeve.

Step up from manual to electric

"We deliver to more and more customers, so the weight of the deliveries is also becoming heavier. In our search for a new machine we decided to go for Toyota Material Handling.

We have been a customer for 16 years now and because of the good service we have chosen Toyota again," says Peter. "In search of this machine, we were well supported by the sales representative. He was able to answer all my questions quickly and based on that, he proposed a demo truck (LWI160)", says Peter. At Rozenhoeve, they had no intention of purchasing equipment powered by a lithium-ion battery. But after the test period, they were completely convinced.

Easy charging on-board lorry

"The machine is compact, easy to use and gives us a nice view of the forks. It gives us the advantage that we can easily opportunity charge during breaks. And if you install an inverter in your lorry, you can also charge your battery while driving. Extremely useful!"

"We are very satisfied with the machine and I would certainly recommend it in the distribution sector," concludes Peter Verhaegen.

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