VNA series from Toyota gets updated and extended, welcoming 2 new family members to its range

Toyota Material Handling Europe is launching two new Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) truck models: the VCE-series’ newest models will expand the range, offering high-standard quality and performance to fit every operation’s needs. Additionally, a revised Toyota BT Vector VCE150A model comes with improved and updated ergonomic operator compartment, including intuitive controls and interactive colour touchscreen. This VNA range can easily be connected to I_Site from Toyota.

Maximising pallet density 

Based on the Toyota BT Vector A-series, Toyota’s Advanced VNA concept, with its unique space saving and productivity enhancing features, is now being expanded with two new models. 2 low tonnage models, Toyota BT Vector VCE100A and VCE120A, are being introduced while the VCE150A driver compartment has been upgraded. 

Characteristic to the Toyota Material Handling product range, focus lies mainly on quality, productivity and safety. Customers can choose the Very Narrow Aisle truck that fits their operations: man-up or man-down versions with fixed or articulated chassis.  

Equipped with articulated steering, the trucks can reach more pallet locations and demonstrate excellent manoeuvrability. The four-wheeled chassis with Quadset support wheels gives the truck optimised stability and the operator a smoother ride. Powerful twin drive units and low truck weight reduce cycle times. 

Enhanced driver ergonomics for intuitive driving experience 

Continuous improvement, or kaizen if you will, is one of the core principles of the Toyota Production System. For a better driving experience, the Toyota BT Vector VCE150A’s driver compartment has been optimised, i.e., controls, driver seat and carpet. Brand-new controls with colour touchscreen display make steering the trucks much more agreeable. Operators have critical information and programmable functions readily available at a glance, increasing the level of performance. Integrated pre-op check and smart access allow an easy and safe start-up. Situation based information is being collected to boost productivity and guarantee safe operation.  

A more compact driver compartment allows operators to hop on and off the truck easily, and to work upright if they desire, increasing their productivity. Working upright also implies the operator is less prone to low back pain. 

VNA safety feature: cutting-edge technology protecting drivers and their surroundings 

Especially when working at elevated heights, the driver has limited visibility on the ground below. With the help of two safety scanners, the Personal Protection System (PPS) enables the truck to slow down before coming to a complete stop when it finds an obstruction on its path, taking over from the driver. Toyota BT Vector VCE150A/125ASF are also equipped with an Active System Scanner. 

Sensors on the truck communicate with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags along the aisle. This is a smart way for the truck to know its exact position in the aisle and which obstacles (low ceiling, sprinklers, ventilation shaft or bad floor condition) to avoid.  Speed or fork movement limits can be set or reset according to the operations’ needs to make forward movement or reversing along the aisle much safer. 

VNA trucks from Toyota continue to be class-leading 

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) trucks are designed specifically for use in high-density warehouses and distribution areas. High density means more can be stored simply by narrowing the aisle space. Opening up more space for productive storage is just one of the benefits VNA trucks offer. 

Excellent stability and manoeuvrability help maximise storage space, as the articulated frame makes this series’ design perfect for work in very narrow aisles. 

A combination of safety and efficiency – regenerative breaking, li-ion batteries, Advanced Lifting System (on the VCE150A) – provide class-leading energy management.   

With the addition of 2 new low tonnage models, the Toyota VNA range now provides capacities of 1 up to 1.5 tonnes and lift heights up to 16.8 metres. The new and improved models will be premiered at this year’s LogiMAT, an International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, held at Stuttgart’s Trade Fair Centre from April 25 to 27. 


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