Toyota Tonero 3.5t Engine

Toyota trucks keep the beer flowing at Hofbräu München

The Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks from Toyota have been supporting customers across Europe in keeping their business moving, with ten years of continuous improvement on the entire range thanks to customer feedback.
Toyota truck in beverage industry

Facts & figures

  • Company: Hofbräu München
  • Location: München, Germany
  • Industry: Beverage
  • Applications: loading & unloading
  • Shifts: 3

About Hofbräu München

Founded in 1589, the brewery has defined the beer culture in Munich, and is still growing at an annual rate of 5%. Each year, Hofbräu München produces about 33 million litres of beer, of which half is exported to about 40 countries worldwide. To keep up with the high demand, especially during peak season in summer, the value-added chain at Hofbräu München is planned to the very detail.

The beer is brewed, filled, stored, loaded on site and handled by Toyota trucks. The electric Toyota Traigo and engine-powered Toyota Tonero  trucks unload about 2000 pallets every day, and store loaded containers ready to be shipped to customers.

Engine counterbalance truck Tonero

Meeting high expectations

To make sure no one runs dry, especially during summer, production runs 24/7 in 3 shifts, with the forklifts reaching over 2000 operating hours. "The trucks in our logistics centre need to cover long distances while performing a large number of raising and lowering applications. That’s why it’s essential that they can handle the continuous workload and meet our high expectations," explains Jürgen Breitsameter, Materials & Logistics Manager at Hofbräu München.


Driver comfort – even in the toughest conditions

“It’s important to us that our drivers can enjoy ergonomics and comfort, which has a positive impact on their health,” continues Breitsameter. “To work outside during the cold winter months, the seats are equipped with seat heating.” 

Tonero truck with I_Site fleet management system

Simply safe & efficient with I_Site

In order to optimise the workflow, Hofbräu München decided to implement the fleet management system I_Site. The web portal provides them with info on utilisation, drivers, safety checks, contracts and collisions.

“The fact that we’re able to track this from our own desks or phones is easy and efficient. Being able to see for example the operating hours at the click of a mouse is a great advantage when doing the year-end inventory check.”

Trust in Toyota 

Hofbräu München chose a long-term contract from Toyota including a full service package. “We can simply call our technician whenever something comes up: it’s entirely flexible, and we can simply pay the fixed monthly costs, which makes it easy for us. During the years our confidence in Toyota has only grown since the service is simply outstanding,” concludes Breitsameter.

Manager looking at I_Site on iPad

I_Site fleet management

I_Site connects your fleet, collects the data and gives you an overview of what’s happening and tells you how to optimise your operation.

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EC counterbalanced truck loading

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Traigo being used to move barrels

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