Toyota Matrial Handling  increases production in its Swedish factory

Toyota Material Handling Europe invests 31 million euro in its Mjölby factory in Sweden

The company is making its largest production investment to date to increase production capacity in Mjölby, Sweden. As a world leader in the development and manufacturing of sustainable material handling solutions, the manufacturing site in Mjölby - our largest facility in Europe - has doubled in the past ten years. In the record year 2022, we produced 84,000 electric warehouse trucks. The goal of the company’s latest investment is to increase production capacity in Mjölby up to 120,000 electrified vehicles per year.

First of three stages in this extensive investment plan: new powder painting shop of 7,100 square meters 

The first step in the investment plan is the construction of a new powder painting shop with an operating area of ​​7,100 square metres. Construction has already begun.The new building will be attached to the existing main building. 
“We are the market leader in Europe and are making these investments to maintain our position. We are in a strong industry with good future prospects, where technology development is extremely exciting," says Kristian Björkman, Senior Vice President Supply Operations at Toyota Material Handling Europe and Managing Director at Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden AB. 
For its construction works, project management focused a lot on energy-efficiency improvements and environmental aspects: 

  • The painting's heating process is powered by biogas 
  • Heat from the paint shop is recovered via a ventilation unit 
  • Drain-free pre-treatment 
  • Demand-controlled cooling zones – only the number of fans needed for cooling the goods in the drying area will run 
  • Need-based painting boxes 
  • Two independent production flows in the painting facility, meaning you can turn off one product flow in the event of, for example, overtime work 

More jobs and better development opportunities 
The increase in capacity and investments in technology development creates opportunities for new jobs.This also results in development opportunities for both new and current staff.The company is also carrying out extensive renovations to create a modern, future workplace in Mjölby. 

"To succeed, we need to ensure that we have the right staffing and the right skills. This can be done both through the development of current staff and through recruitment. This will result in a better working environment, both in the office and production area. Our goal is to create a working regime without night shifts," says Margaretha Langueville, HR Director Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden 

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