Toyota Material Handling Europe's innovation Center in Sweden

Toyota Material Handling Europe establishes Innovation Center in Linköping, Sweden

Toyota Material Handling Europe launches its first Innovation Center, strategically set in the heart of Linköping, Sweden.  

Some 35 kilometres northeast from the Mjölby site, Linköping stands out as one of Sweden's foremost tech hubs. A city known for its many innovative startups and scaleups, and for Linköping University and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). Toyota Material Handling Europe has many partners and suppliers in and around the city. An obvious choice. 

The new Innovation Center will be a dynamic place, providing a space and the resources for cross-functional teams to focus on driving innovation. 

“The primary objective is to accelerate innovation within the company and attract new talent by establishing a presence near a wealth of knowledgeable resources. We want to be an active player on the innovation field of Linköping,” says Johan Brynås, Head of Research & Innovation at Toyota Material Handling Europe.    


Careful choice of location  

The strategic placement strengthens Toyota Material Handling's collaborative network and enhances its potential for partnerships and accelerated growth.Located in the same area as Linköping University and Linköping Science Park, the company aims to elevate its brand visibility and gain access to top talent in the region.  

“This strategic move benefits all layers of research and development our company engages in,” Johan Brynås acknowledges.    

Erric Heitmann, Senior Vice President R&D and Johan Brynås, Head of Research & Innovation, Toyota Material Handling Europe.    


What you can find at the Innovation Center 

The Innovation Center will be a meeting place for companies, entrepreneurs, and students, welcoming not only employees from Toyota Material Handling’s Research & Development department, but also startups, student workers, temporary partners, and other stakeholders.  

The centre consists of: 

  • creative collaboration space 
  • event space to host 50-60 participants 
  • conference rooms of different sizes   
  • showroom for the company’s latest innovations and solutions 


Getting ready to open its doors 

The Innovation Center is currently being set up to start accommodating the diverse needs of Toyota Material Handling's R&D teams and projects. The official opening is scheduled for the end of September. Apart from being a physical meeting space, the Innovation Center will serve as a hub for events, hackathons, workshops, pitch events, competitions, and more. 

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