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Toyota Material Handling Europe and SIMAI join forces

Toyota Material Handling Europe will acquire a major share of the Italian material handling leader SIMAI in November 2016. SIMAI´s innovative approach and expertise in designing and manufacturing tow tractor solutions meet Toyota´s strategy to offer a complete range of material handling solutions for indoor and outdoor operations.

Toyota Material Handling will initially acquire 66% of SIMAI´s share with a plan to go up to 100% within a short period. This new cooperation will enhance Toyota’s product portfolio and meet customer requirements in the material handling industry, specifically with tow tractors for indoor and outdoor applications. Toyota Material Handling has been offering a competitive towing tractor range, however, with a European focus on indoor operations. As a specialist in the airport industry, SIMAI´s product portfolio mainly contains outdoor solutions. Therefore SIMAI´s product offer perfectly fits into the Toyota Material Handling product portfolio.

SIMAI produces a wide range of electric tow tractors and platform trucks, with a towing capacity up to 30 tonnes. With over 60 years of experience, SIMAI continues to develop products to meet specific customer requirements with a flexible and customer-oriented mindset, as well as enthusiasm towards technology. This resulted in the production of many specialised tow tractor solutions, platform trucks and load carriers for several industrial applications.

“SIMAI´s dedicated and professional team has excellent manufacturing skills applying a modern technology. We are familiar with them, and our Italian sales organisation acknowledges their dedication and expertise in the area of our business interest,” says Sam Coles, Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales, Toyota Material Handling Europe.

“SIMAI will be integrated into our European Supply Network where we will apply our Toyota approach; respecting the current organisation, learning from each other and preserving today’s skills and management. SIMAI has an entrepreneur spirit that shares our values in quality and safety. So I am confident that we will make a good team” says Ambrogio Bollini, Senior Vice President Supply, Toyota Material Handling Europe. “Being part of Toyota will be an enthusiastic challenge for a relatively small entrepreneurial company as SIMAI. We will do our best to contribute to the success of a successful organisation like Toyota” says Luigino Garegnani, founder of SIMAI.


SIMAI, headquartered in Milano, Italy, has an international presence with established dealer network in Europe. Established in 1952, SIMAI offers material handling vehicles for industry, logistic and services. SIMAI is recognised as the Italian point of reference in material handling. SIMAI means passion, innovation and excellence, always pointing to the future, investing every year part of its earnings in research and development for innovation.

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