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Toyota Industries Corporation gains CDP A-list 2020 on Climate Change and Water Security

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has been selected for the A-list, the maximum score, in surveys conducted by CDP on climate change for the third year in a row now, as well as the 2nd time on water security. Toyota Material Handling Europe, its European operations of the material handling division, continues to run local initiatives that fully support Toyota Industries’ Sixth Environmental Action Plan.

“It is encouraging to work together with our colleagues who are engaged in making difference on climate change and driving initiatives, despite the unprecedented challenge we faced in 2020. I am pleased to see that our colleagues in Japan attribute a lot of the global success in CDP is due to the ambitious activities of different European entities.” comments Tom Schalenbourg, Director Sustainability Development, Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Toyota Material Handling Europe implemented Energy Policy in 2019 and committed to make a switch to 100% renewable electricity in FY21 (end of March 2021) as part of our roadmap to zero emissions from operations by 2030.

Toyota Material Handling’s Energy policy is based on 3 pillars and targets for 2030:

  • Net zero emissions from their own operations, with milestones for zero carbon electricity by 2021 and ISO 50001 certification for all entities by 2025;
  • Mapping emissions in their supply chain and partnering with suppliers to develop low-carbon alternatives;
  • Developing a full product range of zero-carbon products and solutions by 2030, with a view that all solutions operating at customer sites are zero carbon by 2050.

As part of this programme, Bologna factory put in operation a photovoltaic plant of expected average production of 0.86 GWh of renewable energy in 2020.
“Prior to the installation of the solar panels, we have already been buying 100% renewable electricity since June 2016 on the electricity market. With the current installation that covers about one third of our electricity consumption, we are actively investing in increasing not only the demand side but also the supply side of renewable electricity in the Bologna region. This results in a saving of 370 tonnes of CO2 per year “says Andrea Raviolo, Sustainability Senior Manager, Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy.
The CDP scores were formally announced on December 9 2020, and Toyota Industries Corporation’s press release is found here.

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About CDP

CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international NGO established in 2000 in the U.K. that aims to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water resource conservation and the protection of forests by companies and governments.

In 2020, representing 515 institutional investors (asset scale under management: 106 trillion US dollars) and 150 purchasing corporations (procurement expense: 4 trillion US dollars), it conducted a survey and evaluation of major corporations worldwide.


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