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Toyota certified dealers strive together for better service

The After Sales Service Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) programme standardises and develops Toyota Material Handling Europe’s service and parts operations according to Toyota standards. ASEC is aimed at our captive network and independent dealers. ASEC defines programmes of continuous improvement (Kaizen activities) in line with the basic principles of the Toyota Way and TPS (Toyota Production System) focusing on respect for the individual as well as working as a team.
Toyota forklift repair service

We asked a couple of dealers of our network how they experienced the ASEC process.

Q: What does certification such as ASEC mean for you as an independent dealer?

Carlotta Ghetti (Ghetti 3, Milan): “For me, ASEC represents our way of working in the workshop and in aftersales: a certain standard of safety and efficiency. Analysing and improving all processes with the customer in mind, with customer loyalty as the ultimate aim.”

Q: Why did you start the process towards ASEC?

Giorgia Tassinari (Gruppo Tassinari, Rome): “We wanted the ASEC process to help us define our corporate identity as a partner to Toyota.”

Elio Gallone (Starservice, Milan): “ASEC offered us the opportunity to improve the way we work and are organised.”

Ghetti: “We started with ASEC because we wanted to grow: we were assured that the project would help us to improve by analysing and measuring our daily work, and therefore we were eager to start the process.”

Q: How did the process go?

Ivano Santo (Milano Carrelli, Milan): “By adopting this tried and tested system based on Toyota’s worldwide philosophy, we were able to identify some inefficient working habits and improve them.”

Tassinari: “The process was not always easy, but it definitely implemented some important changes.”

Toyota forklift repair service

Q: Can you give some concrete examples of the improvements you made thanks to ASEC?

Ghetti: “We have made small steps over time based on the suggestions from our technicians and other employees working in the warehouse. For example streamlining certain steps, and improving relationships with suppliers. We have also eliminated all paper on board of our service vans by implementing specific hardware & software. Our technicians are instead equipped with the latest tablets, and get ad hoc training plans. We have limited our storage space in the warehouse and in the vans. And we’re doing our best to align and monitor the image and behaviour of our technicians. All with the aim to improve the service for our customers.”

Q: What are the main benefits of being certified for you, and your customers?

Santo: “Our entire service department has concluded that measuring and improving leads to greater job satisfaction. But our main focus is customer loyalty, by improving service efficiency. As time passed, ASEC has also highlighted each individual’s contribution to continuous improvement, increasing safety and professionalism.”

Q: In what way do you communicate about ASEC?

Tassinari: “When talking to our customers, we mention how ASEC supports our commitment to continuous improvement (Kaizen). Not only our sales people but also our technicians, who have personally participated in this effort with pride, are able to communicate to our customers about the added value of ASEC.”

19 March 2018

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forklift repair service by Toyota

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