Employee at Lyko packing deliveries

Towing solutions improve Lyko Hair AB’s e-commerce work environment

The company has moved their e-commerce operations to a warehouse in Vansbro, populated with a stock of over 35.000 products. Today, 400 employees work at Lyko Hair AB, which currently holds 40 Swedish and Norwegian salons.
Lyko warehouse

Booming e-commerce business

It is important for Lyko to keep up with the growing e-commerce demand, and to succeed in this their operations should be very efficient. While the company used to handle 70 types of products, today their customers can choose out of more than 20.000 products. That’s why Lyko AB needed an appropriate and complete solution and found this thanks to Helge Nyberg AB with the right trolleys and BT Movit trucks from Toyota Material Handling Sweden.

T-motion: Toyota-thinking for effective item handling

With our T-motion concept, Toyota Material Handling offers a range of electric tow tractors suited to e-commerce operations. The BT Movit N-series models include compact towing trucks that are ideal for working in confined spaces and narrow aisles, and they can be attached to load carriers that transport the goods throughout the warehouse. These load carriers are especially designed to ensure safe movement of goods, efficient order picking and handling many orders at the same time. Thanks to the combination of towing tractors and load carriers, Lyko is able to transport over 1000 boxes with products, handling different orders simultaneously. The orders are eventually packaged individually and scanned to be sent off to the right customers.

Woman picking orders

Improved well-being of the staff

Thanks to the towing solution of the BT Movit, the amount of manual tasks has been decreased. A more efficient order picking process also brings benefits to the well-being of Lyko’s employees. “It’s especially after the workday that I notice a big difference. I’m less tired and have more energy than before,” says Sofie, warehouse worker at Lyko Hair AB.

Rickard Lyko, CEO at Lyko Hair AB, is happy with his improved work environment and healthier, happier staff. “Thanks to a calmer atmosphere with less noise and ergonomic trucks the well-being of the staff has increased significantly,” says Rickard Lyko.

At Lyko warehouse

About Lyko Hair AB

Lyko Hair AB is an e-commerce business that employs over 400 employees in 40 shops with salons in Sweden and Norway. Once founded as a family business in hairdressing salons, the launch of their own brand and website Lyko.se caused their popularity to grow immensely with an annual growth of 40%. Eventually they sold too many products to fit the shelves and felt the need to expand their premises.

  • Location: Vansbro, Sweden
  • Industry: e-commerce
  • Employees: 400
  • Toyota trucks: 14 BT Movit N-series trucks with around 40 trolleys
  • Applications: order picking
BT Staxio in warehouse

Retail and warehouse

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Towing tractors

Our range of towing tractors provides enhanced safety and efficiency in horizontal transport and order picking operations.


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Order pickers

Our order pickers are perfect for all levels of picking. They are fast, efficient and productive order pickers that offer good ergonomics.


Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.