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Toru Suzuki appointed new chairman of Toyota Material Handling Europe

From 1 March 2023, Toru Suzuki succeeds Hiroyuki Taniguchi as chairman of Toyota Material Handling Europe’s board of directors.  

Toyota Material Handling Europe is happy to welcome Mr. Toru Suzuki as new chairman of its board of directors as of 1 March 2023. 

Born in 1968, Toru Suzuki joined Toyota Industries in 1992 and has spent much of his career in Toyota Industries Corporation’s overseas businesses, active in the textile machinery industry as well as in corporate business planning. In 2019, Mr. Suzuki moved to the material handling industry in Takahama, Japan. 

Toru Suzuki was appointed Executive Coordinator at Toyota Material Handling Europe’s sister company Vanderlande in 2021. Mr. Suzuki is currently Executive Officer at Toyota Industries Corporation, having parallel assignments in various European sister companies. 

Toru Suzuki replaces Hiroyuki Taniguchi, who has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer at Toyota Material Handling Group. Mr. Taniguchi will remain board member at Toyota Material Handling Europe as well as in its Supply entities. 

Going forward, Toyota Material Handling Europe’s board of directors will consist of the new chairmanToru Suzuki, Toyota Industries Corporation’s Executive Officer,Ernesto Domínguez, Toyota Material Handling Europe’s President and CEO,Yoichiro YamazakiandHiroyuki Taniguchi, both Executive Officer at Toyota Industries Corporation and employee representativesRichard Almqvist,Maria AndréandJenny Helge. 


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Mr. Toru Suzuki - Chairman of the board of directors of Toyota Material Handling Europe
and Executive Coordinator of Toyota Industries Corporation 


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