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Think lean power, think Toyota – delivering fuel efficiency and driving performance

Toyota Material Handling continues to invest in lean technologies, by now offering the complete Tonero range with leaner and cleaner engines without compromising on power. Customers have the choice between diesel and LPG engines, with either hydrostatic or torque converter transmissions. All vehicles are equipped with LSPS (load sensing power steering) that delivers increased fuel efficiency and improved driveability.

Complete range of HST models

All diesel and LPG models up to 3.5 tonnes are now available with the hydrostatic transmission (HST), offering customers a choice of transmissions, either a HST or alternatively a torque converter (TC) transmission.

That means Toyota customers can choose the right truck that fits the demands of their operations. Customers can be confident that all Tonero counterbalanced trucks deliver lean power, thanks to the following developments.


Load sensing power steering on the Tonero range

All models in the Tonero range whether diesel or gas, either with torque converter or hydrostatic transmissions, are now available with Load Sensing Power Steering (LSPS).

Not only does the driver now have a more comfortable and intuitive steering feel, but also the truck retains a consistent response no matter the weight of the load it is handling. This technology also delivers significant fuel savings of between 7 and 14% depending on the model, further adding to a reduced overall cost of ownership.

Lean engines

The core of the Tonero’s lean power lies in the models’ engines: Toyota applied the principle of Kaizen (continuous improvement) to offer lean engines for both gas and diesel vehicles. The 1ZS higher power diesel engine is ultra-lean whilst remaining highly powerful and responsive while the 1DZIII diesel engine has undergone continued development and is now even more cost-efficient.

The 1ZS engine is stage 3B-compliant, guaranteeing low CO2 emissions. The technology used in this engine has a second benefit, as independent fuel tests have shown that it is less sensitive to heavy driving, but still delivers high power at all speeds.

Furthermore, the 1ZS improves driveability, because not only can this engine handle all weights and applications, it also delivers low vibration and low noise. With these characteristics this lean engine guarantees a comfortable environment for the driver and a quick return on investment for our customers.

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