The new Toyota Tonero surpassing Stage V regulations

Toyota Material Handling Europe has optimised its engine counterbalanced truck range designed for productivity, efficiency and the environment. The Tonero Stage V includes Toyota’s leanest industrial engines, designed and produced in-house, optimising performance and driveability. The new models deliver lower fuel consumption, less maintenance but most importantly cleaner operations.

The new Toyota Tonero Stage V range is energy-efficient and much cleaner than required by the latest European Union exhaust emission regulation, while also providing a number of benefits for engine counterbalanced truck users. The trucks are equipped with a Toyota in-house industrial engine that is robust, reliable and easy to service, reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs

“Our latest engine counterbalanced truck, the Tonero Stage V, combines Toyota innovation and quality, which dramatically reduces emissions, resulting in a cleaner environment and air,” says Paul Van De Sype, Product Manager IC counterbalanced trucks at Toyota Material Handling Europe.

The new counterweight design has been reviewed and improved throughout the range. This offers ease of access for service, saving time and resulting in increased productivity, further adding to a reduced overall cost of ownership. The appearance has been changed as well for the range of 1,5 to 3,5t for increased consistency within the IC CB family.

Surpassing Stage V regulations

Stage V, the European emission regulation, aims at reducing emissions from combustion engines, only allowing for engines with a lower exhaust. Toyota Material Handling strives to guide their customers in these changing times and commits to provide cleaner and leaner solutions with a high-quality level of performance. The Tonero range meets customers’ specific operational needs while minimising emission levels, environmental impacts, and total cost of ownership.

Therefore, the most recent engine counterbalanced models from Toyota have been optimised, including the leanest industrial engines for diesel and LPG, in line with the latest EU emissions regulations. Toyota’s massive unique selling point lies in the fact that all engines are designed and produced in-house.

The Tonero range can be used in every customer application. The Toyota CB IC offer goes from 1.5t all the way to 8t – to support customers from light to intense operations, inside or outside. Up to 3.5 tonnes capacity, customers have the choice between a Tonero with hydrodynamic drive or hydrostatic drive .

Toyota lean industrial engines

The core of the Tonero’s lean power lies in the models’ engines: Toyota applied the principle of Kaizen (continuous improvement) to offer lean engines for both gas and diesel vehicles. The new Tonero models include clean, safe and reliable in-house Toyota engines, surpassing the  European Stage V regulations. Customers have a wide choice of models to choose from, whether it’s diesel or gas.

Our torque convertor range, offering the hydrodynamic drive, is available up to 8 tonnes, both in diesel and LPG version.  Diesel is available on entry models 1,5 to 1,8t  equipped with the reliable 1DZIII engine. As from 2t up to 8t, customers are offered 3 and 4-cylinder ultra-clean and highly fuel-efficient common rail engines. Both include a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for cleaner operations and deliver high power and torque at low engine speeds, ensuring long lifetime and reliability in all applications.

The hydrostatic transmission range offering hydrostatic drive is available in diesel version, equipped with the high-power 3-cylinder 1ZS diesel engine (2.0-3.5t) and available in LPG version (1.5-3.5t). New Toyota-developed software for the full range and additional technologies delivers optimised driveability and productivity in combination with stronger braking ability.

Toyota always strives to offer products with added value as well as helping customers by saving on costs. With this in mind, service intervals on the latest Toyota engines have been increased significantly, reducing costs for service.

Driver safety & comfort

Operators can benefit from a new ergonomic dashboard featuring a new display, easy and intuitive thanks to the controls now all integrated in one place. Indicators for hydraulic oil, wheel position, mast tilt, diesel particulate filter (DPF), driving direction, time and fuel consumption overview are part of the new features included on the display, all contributing to increased productivity and saving costs. A safe workplace is guaranteed thanks to the pre-operational check and speed setting.

The new Toyota front and rear combi LED lights improve drivers’ visibility, for even safer handling. The long lifetime and energy efficiency of LED lights deliver significant fuel and service cost savings, increasing availability and productivity.

For ultimate driver comfort and driving dynamics, the Toyota Tonero with hydrostatic drive is the answer. The models from 2t onwards feature a full floating driver compartment which create an optimal ergonomic working environment.

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