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Silent Solutions: less noise and lower carbon emissions

We aim to provide our customers with innovative, more efficient products which also minimise environmental impact. Our Silent Solutions showcase that approach.

Inspired by overnight delivery

Our customers are increasingly scheduling overnight deliveries outside of normal business hours. This has been shown to reduce costs, cut fuel consumption and reduce travel time by up to 50%. But noise from deliveries can cause problems outside of industrial environments, such as in residential areas, hospitals or offices. In these situations, it’s essential that after-hours deliveries are as quiet as possible. However, equipment designed to reduce noise during delivery, loading and unloading used to be rare. This is why we have invested in research and development to bring silent solutions to our customers.

Certified products

Toyota Material Handling Europe’s Silent Solutions do not exceed 60 decibels when in operation and have therefore been certified by the Dutch PIEK standard. Our trucks also have the Quiet Mark label – an accreditation developed by the Noise Abatement Society to reduce noise pollution from equipment and to encourage global companies to develop silent products that improve the quality of everyday life. Lexus, Philips and DHL are just some of the other iconic brands whose silent innovations you can discover on Quietmark.

Silent trucks

Our Silent Solutions

The BT Lifter Silent is equipped with high-quality rubber steering wheels and polyurethane bogie wheels. We have placed vibration-damping and sound-reducing material on the chassis and adjustable rubber studs at the push rod ends, which reduce rattling when the forks are fully lowered. As a result, the BT Lifter Silent has 20% less operating sound than a standard hand pallet truck. The BT Levio Silent is a second-generation electric-powered silent pallet truck, with a unique lifting system, improved tolerances and soft wheels. Here we have also placed vibration-damping and sound-reducing materials inside the chassis.

Cutting costs and carbon emissions

Curfews often make out-of-hours delivery a challenge due to noise from manoeuvring, loading and unloading activities. Customers wanting to cut fuel costs, waiting times and CO2 emissions need to be able to guarantee that overnight deliveries are conducted with minimal noise disturbance. More silent solutions like ours will help our customers address these challenges.

“By fitting our trucks with sound-absorbing materials to suit overnight and residential area goods delivery, we have created some of the quietest products in the industry. We support 24-hour material handling while reducing noise pollution and carbon emissions and will continue to invest in quiet products that benefit society and the environment.” Martin Mimer, Group Manager for Warehouse Products Toyota Material Handling Europe

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Out-of-hours deliveries

Business benefits:

  • Delivering at night with less traffic reduces fuel costs and emissions.
  • More deliveries can be achieved in the same time, reducing the number of vehicles and drivers required.
  • Silent trucks can be a low-cost solution to comply with noise regulations.
  • Delivering at night in residential areas reduces risk and liability due to accidents.

Social and environmental benefits:

  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from idling.
  • Lower safety risks for customers on the shop floor.
  • Less noise pollution if silent technologies are applied.
  • Quieter workplaces mean less stress for workers and potentially less sick leave.
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Our sustainability approach

Together we make a difference to maximise safety,  minimise environmental impact, and optimise business processes.


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