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Serving our customers successfully the first time

One of the key performance indicators in our business strategy to become number 1 in customer satisfaction is our first-fix rate. This number indicates how well we are doing in serving our customers successfully on the first service visit.

The Toyota Service Concept

The Toyota Service Concept, or TSC for short, is our approach to optimise our service and give our customers the reliability, confidence and trust they need. It is based on the principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the Toyota Way. We use it to promote continuous improvement of truck availability, service quality and cost reduction for our customers.

TSC is our guarantee that we’ll be there for our customers whenever they need us. Within TSC, we also put a lot of emphasis on the safety of our customers and our technicians and we educate our employees to understand and manage the environmental risks of truck maintenance.

In 2014 we achieved a first-fix rate of 91% and we aim to increase to 95% by 2017. To do this we continuously apply the TSC philosophy to our operations. In the recently introduced weekly customer surveys, we apply the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. The methodology supports continuous improvement (Kaizen) of our operations from direct customer feedback.

In addition, we apply a structured improvement methodology called Hoshin to all areas of the service process to ensure that we will also meet our customers’ future requirements. This includes several innovative technical solutions to simplify their daily operations and thereby increase productivity and the availability of the machine.

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Service accreditation programmes

As part of the Toyota Service Concept, we have two Europe-wide service accreditation programmes: ASEC and STEP. These specialised programmes have significantly improved our customer service by offering customer tailored service.

“Our continuous customer surveys tell us what is most important to our customers. Maximum productivity in their operations depends on our focusing efforts to provide proactive service through the Toyota Service Concept, as well as quickly taking care of unforeseen repairs of their fleets.”
David Reinerstedt
Manager Strategic Planning Service Market 
Toyota Material Handling Europe

  • Over 4,500 trained service technicians
  • Over 3,300 fully equipped service vans
  • Over 300,000 trucks on service agreement
  • Over 3,500,000 service visits annually
  • 91% first-fix rate – 2015 performance
  • 95% first-fix rate – 2017 target
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Our service plans keep your business up and running. Get the most out of your trucks and plan your operation with complete confidence!


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Service solutions

With our service packages, you can tailor your service to your business, no matter the size.

Service solutions

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Case Study: STEP and ASEC

ASEC and STEP programmes improve customer experience and are a crucial part of the Toyota Service Concept. 


Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.