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Second Life strategy leads to more refurbished truck sales

Our Second Life strategy aims to continuously improve refurbishment and reduce scrapped trucks by 20% in the next five years. If trucks cannot be refurbished, they will be responsibly recycled. For low-intensity applications, used trucks are a lower carbon alternative for customers interested in reducing carbon emissions upstream in their value chain.
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Approved Used Trucks

Our Approved Used Truck programme offers quality assurance, guaranteeing that every truck undergoes an individual preparation programme based on their own service history, rather than a standardised preparation programme for all trucks.

An Approved Used Truck must meet these minimum criteria:

  • Only used Toyota or BT forklift trucks are eligible
  • Every truck has been fully maintained by our expert technicians using Toyota and BT parts

Before putting an Approved Used Truck on the market:

  • All trucks undergo a full safety check and certification according to local market legislation
  • Key components will be thoroughly checked for any functional defects
  • Every truck will come with a comprehensive handover pack, including an operator manual and full service history
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Used Trucks – a lower carbon solution

A 2013 carbon footprint report by Climact found that 70% of Toyota Material Handling Europe’s carbon footprint – including our own emissions and the upstream emissions from our suppliers – come from raw materials production for new trucks, mostly from metal production. Refurbishing forklift trucks extends the useful life of the metal chassis, and therefore spreads the upfront ‘high carbon investment’ over a longer useful life. Additionally, refurbishing a truck is mostly done in the country where it was returned to us, avoiding the emissions from logistics – which accounted for 15% of the carbon footprint according to the Climact study.

Flexibility for customers

Customers with just one or two trucks who opt to buy a used truck do so because they appreciate the reliability of a Toyota combined with a lower price tag. Customers with large fleets are also interested in having extra vehicles on standby for use in busier periods. This is why we are seeing an increase in the sales of used or refurbished trucks. When we add downstream emissions analysed by Climact in their report, we see that 95% of the total carbon footprint – covering our supply chain, our operations and our customers’ operations – is caused by product use by our customers. For any medium to high-intensity applications, our recent, more energy-efficient products are often the most low-carbon option.

“Customers increasingly prefer used trucks because they are a cost-effective, environment-friendly solution, refurbished to our high standards. Toyota Material Handling Spain has given a second life to over 10,000 forklift trucks and we see continued growth in used truck sales.”

David Gomez
Used Trucks Business Manager
Toyota Material Handling Spain

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Our sustainability approach

Together we make a difference to maximise safety,  minimise environmental impact, and optimise business processes.


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Genuine Parts

We can guarantee you that all spare parts are designed and tested to offer the same quality, safety and reliability as our trucks. 


Toyota Production System

We apply lean manufacturing to our production and work according to a pull system, which means we only produce what you order.