Revitalising your fleet: explore the world of refurbished forklifts

In the dynamic landscape of logistics, where technological advancements follow each other more rapidly than ever, one industry stands out as a beacon of smart business in the transition towards circularity: refurbished forklifts. It’s the future, but arguably also an extension of our core business. We preen ourselves on service excellence. Here’s how we redefine excellence in the exciting world of refurbished technology.

Bringing rental & service close to you 

With a network spanning 20 European countries and encompassing 40 refurbishment centres, we boast a formidable infrastructure dedicated to refurbishing forklifts. Over 600 certified Fleet Management Centre technicians work tirelessly to ensure that every unit is restored to the highest quality standards. 

What sets Toyota Material Handling Europe apart is our unwavering commitment to operational excellence, characterised by the adherence to LEAN principles and the Toyota Production System (TPS). These methodologies run through every aspect of our refurbishment process, guaranteeing efficiency and consistency. 

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At your best service 

Annually, the refurbishment centres process over 100,000 units, with 15,000 units designated as premium refurbished, tailored to meet the exacting demands of customers with high operational intensity. 

Service excellence is paramount in maximising the lifespan of forklifts. To maintain the quality of their services, all our refurbishment centres are certified according to LEAN and TPS principles, prioritising areas such as health & safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. 

Traceability is also a cornerstone of our service ethos. By meticulously documenting all incoming and outgoing equipment movements, along with the type of movement, we maintain a comprehensive record to address any issues promptly and efficiently. 

The reasons for movement range from the common rental returns to Buy Back, Major Repair to New Machine, Cancelled Contract or Incorrect Arrival, Sold to Customer, Scrap, and more. By doing so, we can maintain a comprehensive account of all equipment and ensure that any issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. 


Revitalise your fleet 

For businesses seeking to revitalise their fleets, buying refurbished forklifts presents a smart move. Not only does it offer a cost-effective solution, but it’s also a way to rethink or renew your workplace. Each refurbished unit undergoes thorough inspection, providing customers with the assurance of quality and reliability. 



In conclusion, refurbishing products like forklifts offers a compelling solution to fair repair. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our expansive network and commitment to durability, will help us in mastering the world of refurbished. By embracing refurbished forklifts, businesses can navigate the complexities of logistics with confidence, knowing they're making a smart and well-considered choice. 

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