The Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks

Proven performance with Toyota Tonero in the transport, ports & construction industry

The Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks from Toyota have been supporting customers across Europe in keeping their business moving, with ten years of continuous improvement on the entire range thanks to customer feedback.
The Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks

Facts & Figures

Company: ECU Logistics NV
Location: Antwerp, Belgium 
Toyota trucks: 23 Toyota Tonero LPG 2.5-3 t trucks 
Applications: loading & unloading 
Shifts: 2

About ECU Logistics

With about 65 dockworkers and 18 employees, ECU Logistics NV unloads on average 100 lorries every day, 375 import containers a month, and load on average 1.200 export containers a month.

Getting the job done, no matter which load

ECU relies on 23 LPG Toyota Tonero counterbalanced forklifts of 2.5 and 3 tonnes to support them in their operations. These models are ideal for loading and unloading containers and lorries, and can handle the intensive use at ECU thanks to their durability and robustness. Tonero trucks are not only fit for handling different kinds of packaging as well as light and heavy cargo, but also for working 2 shifts a day. Since 2015, ECU Logistics NV has decided to hire all their Toyota trucks on a rental contract.

Proven performance in driveability

Erik Vincke, EHSQ Manager at ECU Logistics NV, explains why they have chosen for Toyota Material Handling as a partner. “Not only do our drivers find them to be the best-performing trucks, but on top of this we also received a complete solution compared to other suppliers. Based on this in combination with test results we decided to choose for Toyota.”

“I always used to have a backache on our old forklifts. In comparison, Toyota forklifts are much more ergonomic and better to work with,” explains one of the drivers.

Toyota Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks

Facts & Figures

Company: Truck-Kompagniet Skagen Aps
Location: Skagen, Denmark
Industry: Port industry, mainly fisheries
Toyota trucks: 5 Toyota Tonero LPG 2.5 t
Applications: Loading, unloading, transport, stacking

About Truck-Kompagniet Skagen Aps

The company takes care of logistics in Skagen, one of the main ports in Denmark, and is specialised in working with other companies in the area, such as fisheries.

Proven performance in the harbour

Truck-Kompagniet has been relying on Toyota for over 20 years, with currently 5 Toyota Tonero’s on site. 2 of them are equipped with a 360° rotator to transport and unload tubs with ice, fish and fish waste. Thanks to the sideshift, 3 trucks efficiently load lorries and stack a wide variety of goods throughout the fish factory, as well as deliver fish from the morning fish auction to the small fish shops around the harbour. 

“Not only are the Tonero trucks well-adapted to our environment, but our drivers also appreciate the easy operation and optimum visibility,” says Søren Fynbo, Manager at Truck-Kompagniet Skagen Aps. During herring season, their high season, extra machines on short-term rental are fitted with rotators and side shifts in order to handle the intense workflow.

Simply getting the job done in rough environments

“Due to the trucks coming into contact with harsh weather and sea water around the port, it’s essential for us to be able to rely on Toyota Material Handling. That’s why a service workshop was installed at our premises, making sure the trucks are always serviced quickly and efficiently,” concludes Søren Fynbo.

Toyota Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks

About Van Akelyen

Van Akelyen delivers building materials and tiles to B2B as well as B2C customers. On top of this they also manage a concrete plant at another location.

The 8 Tonero trucks that are used on a daily basis at Van Akelyen Building Materials are essential to their operations since they handle loads of up to 2.5 tonnes. For a producer of concrete and supplier of building materials and tiles, the Tonero models can’t be missed for loading and unloading up to 15 lorries a day on this site.

Facts & figures

Company: Van Akelyen Building Materials
Location: Zele, Belgium
Industry: Construction / Brick & block
Toyota trucks: 8 Toyota Tonero Diesel 2.5 & 3.5 t trucks
Applications: loading & unloading, stacking

Proven performance in driveability

“We are satisfied with the outstanding quality of the trucks and their service, which is why we have already been counting on Toyota for 30 years,” says Miguel Beirens, owner of Van Akelyen, who prefers to buy the trucks with a preventive maintenance contract included.

“All our trucks have a fork positioner, which not only saves time for our drivers, but also spares their back since they can adjust the distance between the forks without coming up from the seat when handling different types of loads. That’s why they are satisfied with the comfort of Toyota trucks and find them easy to drive.”

Toyota Tonero loading outdoors

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