Toyota Tonero

Proven performance with Toyota Tonero in the manufacturing industry

The Tonero engine-powered counterbalance trucks from Toyota have been supporting customers across Europe in keeping their business moving, with ten years of continuous improvement on the entire range thanks to customer feedback.


Synthos Synthos is one of the largest European manufacturers of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a semi-finished good which is then sold to be processed further into finished products. 65 employees are currently working at the site in Ribécourt, France, one of their many locations in Europe.

Facts & Figures

Company: Synthos S.A. Group
Location: Ribécourt, France
Industry: Chemical manufacturing
Toyota trucks: 7 Toyota Tonero HST 1.8, 3, 3.5 t trucks
Applications: Loading & unloading

Simply getting the job done with HST

Synthos decided to purchase 7 Toyota Tonero trucks with hydrostatic transmission that range from 1.8 tonnes up to 3 and 3.5 tonnes on a long-term rental contract. These Tonero trucks support the loading and unloading of between 10 – 15 lorries per day via the use of ramps, with load weights regularly above 1 tonne.

The choice for engine-powered HST trucks was evident due to the fact that the operations take place in a sensitive environment with chemical processes. But above all, a trial period allowed the drivers to test the trucks, and their satisfaction with the Tonero models played a decisive role in the choice for Toyota. All trucks are taken care of with a full service package as part of the contract. Having the trucks on a long-term rental contract has saved the company already 10-12% of the cost per forklift over 5 years.

Proven performance in reliability & driveability

“We are satisfied to work together with Toyota. I personally have a great relationship with the sales representative and the technician, and I feel like they take every question seriously, which shows in their quick response time. They offer us better commercial conditions than other suppliers which is not insignificant,” says Pascal Drouet, buyer at Synthos. “Also our operators enjoy driving the trucks, which are comfortable and offer great visibility. Especially by adapting the settings to their preferences, the trucks are manoeuvrable and easy to drive.”


Veenbaas Potgrond BV produces, packages and transports soil, and is part of the Bart Van Buren group, with locations all over the world in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Australia. The site at Drachten in the Netherlands, which is 40.000m², works with engine-powered trucks from Toyota that take care of the loading of the lorries outside, and the LPG truck is used to help out inside of the warehouse.

The 7 Tonero models are on a long-term rental contract of 6-7 years because the company prioritises the fact that the service of the trucks is taken care for. Also the reassurance that all costs are fixed is a huge benefit for them.

Facts & Figures

Company: Veenbaas Potgrond BV
Location: Drachten, the Netherlands
Industry: Manufacturing
Toyota trucks: 6 Toyota Tonero Diesel 3, 3.5, 5 t trucks & 1 Toyota Tonero LPG 1.5 t
Applications: Loading & indoor transport

Proven performance in availability

Springtime is high season for Veenbaas, during which they rely on 3 extra trucks from Toyota on a short-term contract. “Even though it gets quite busy during this period, the service stays impeccable: I can always contact our dedicated Toyota technicians directly, which is especially useful during high season when we are working 24-hour shifts. This gives us the reassurance that anything can be fixed within a short time span,” says Wilfred de Haan, Technical Manager at Veenbaas Potgrond BV.

“Our company has been working with Toyota for over 15 years, even before I started here, so whenever we need a new truck, it’s evident that we choose for the Tonero models. The fact that our drivers are eager to drive with Toyota trucks, which they are familiar with and they find easy to operate, played an important role in the decision process. Also the total package Toyota offers is just right for our company; such as the personal contact I have with the salesman, and the way he collaborates with us to find a solution for everything.”

About Kepston

At Kepston in Wednesbury, 50 employees take care of heat treatment & brazing. 2 HST trucks support them in receiving the parts they need in their operations, and sending their finished parts to the right location. “The hydrostatic transmission is the right choice for us to make sure driving behaviour is controlled on site, and eliminates the need to rev the engine while handling heavy loads,” says Tony Smith, Works Manager at Kepston.

Kepton’s first experience with HST trucks from Toyota has been a positive one from the start. “Thanks to the technical expertise of the Toyota sales team who knew exactly what we needed, we were able to make the right decision for hydrostatic transmissions.”

Facts & Figures

Company: Kepston Ltd
Location: Wednesbury, United Kingdom
Industry: Manufacturing
Toyota trucks: 2 Toyota Tonero HST 1.8 & 2.5 t trucks
Applications: Loading & unloading
Shifts: 3

Proven performance in productivity and service

Kepston succeeded in reducing cost in their operations thanks to their long-term rental contract with maintenance included. In the past, they had always purchased trucks and taken care of the service tasks themselves, with a significant amount of downtime as a consequence. Thanks to the Toyota rental contract with maintenance included and a service technician on site, all trucks can now be utilised 100% of the time, greatly increasing uptime, but also levelling monthly costs and improving flexibility.

Tony Smith adds that their drivers are happy as well with the trucks, which they find very comfortable to drive. “With Toyota, you know you get your money’s worth in quality and service,” he concludes.

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