Truck operator drives a Toyota BT Reflex

Proven innovation with the new BT Reflex from Toyota

Toyota Material Handling Europe is launching the first three models in the new BT Reflex family: the high-performance R-series model, the E-series with unique tilting cab and the flexible O-series for inside and outside use. The updated BT Reflex trucks will set new standards in terms of safety, energy efficiency and ergonomics. The innovative improvements include an updated ergonomic operator compartment with intuitive controls and an interactive colour touchscreen. All models come with intelligent lithium-ion energy packs, and can be easily connected to I_Site from Toyota.

Reach trucks from Toyota have been class-leading products with innovative features over the past 25 years. Unique tilting cab, transitional lift control, 360° steering, to name just a few. The new generation of reach trucks continues in the same direction, introducing new innovative features focusing in four key areas: intelligent energy, intuitive and interactive driver experience as well as providing more insight into material handling operations.

“With the theme ‘proven innovation’ we not only highlight the importance of our class-leading hero product, but also the fact that we aim to keep investing in innovation to continue to answer our customers’ needs, according to our value Kaizen (continuous improvement). With this product, we are reaching new levels in terms of safety, ergonomics and energy efficiency - and we will continue to focus on bringing customers sustainable and efficient material handling solutions in the future,” says José María Gener, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Toyota Material Handling Europe.

Intelligent energy packs

The new BT Reflex has been developed with three requirements in mind: cost saving, environment- friendliness and energy efficiency. Toyota Material Handling is offering a choice of three intelligent energy packs to fit customers’ application. They are based on Toyota's own modular lithium-ion battery solutions to give maximum flexibility in operations. Good charging disciplines can enable the new reach trucks with even the smallest energy pack to work around the clock. Providing businesses with high-quality, cost-effective and safe ways to power material handling equipment is of foremost importance, while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum.

Intuitive and interactive driver experience

Driver experience has been further enhanced on the new BT Reflex range with a redesigned operator compartment. It offers new ergonomic features and brings safety and performance to the next level.

The new cabin allows for intuitive operation, in all respects. The enhancements include a new steering unit with palm support for optimal driver feeling as well as a new main control console on the right-hand side. Driver comfort has not been forgotten on this new model as it comes with a high-quality air suspension seat as option. Another noticeable addition to the range is the new large colour touchscreen display offering even greater levels of intuitive control as well as interactivity. The new touchscreen provides a clear and easy way to read critical information as well as direct access to programmable functions to guarantee a high level of performance.

Insight into your operation with I_Site

All reach trucks from Toyota are connected smart trucks, factory-fitted with integrated telematics and are easy to connect with I_Site. The driver interface has been improved, including I_Site features such as Smart Access to allow only authorised drivers to start the machine, but also with Pre-Operational Check to make sure an automated check is done by the driver before every shift. Connected trucks with I_Site from Toyota allow users to measure and improve for higher safety and overall performance while achieving cost savings.

The new Toyota BT Reflex range features capacities of 1.4 up to 2.5 tonnes and lift heights up to 13 metres. High performance, exceptional and unique features allow for maximum productivity without compromising on safety, energy consumption and ergonomics and this, even in the most high-intensive operations. Later this year, two brand new models will be added to the reach truck family; a cold store cab and a narrow chassis truck, the N-series.

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