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Our commitment to supporting the logistics of vital supplies

In the current Covid-19 pandemic Toyota Material Handling will adapt to the evolving health crisis. As such, Toyota Material Handling Europe and all its entities are following the Corona virus development with utmost care. Our priorities are clear: the health and safety of our employees, as well as our customers and suppliers, coming first. Second is to do everything we can to uphold our service to our customers and partners. Thus, our policy is not only to protect our own and our customers’ personnel, but also to maintain our role as part of the supply chain for essential supplies (especially in food retail and health care) whilst adhering to local regulations.

Update June

Europe is opening up and our business activities consequently follow. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our customers and colleagues. We would therefore like to remind everyone to carefully follow health precautions:

  • Keep social distancing at all times
  • Stay home even with only mild symptoms
  • Continuously apply careful hygiene routines


We aim for full business and support as usual for our customers. We have the capacity to do so, however while respecting your business guidelines and local regulations, and can reschedule service visits where needed. All technicians are working according to strict hygiene and social distance guidelines, while wearing protective equipment.

To support you in the best way possible, we are providing free guides for safe service operations during COVID-19:

Guidelines for Service visit

Guidelines for cleaning your equipment

Guidelines for storing unused equipment for an extended period


Here we also aim for full business and support as usual for our customers but respect that some of our customers may be unable to receive visits. Here our sales team will switch to online meetings or conference calls according to customer preference. All web shops remain open for ordering online and provide customer support.

In the coming period, we will ramp up our customer visits, whether it’s digital or physical, and continue all projects. 


We have continued to support our customers, with enough short-term rental trucks available for quick delivery (especially in in health care, food and retail business), and flexibility in long-term rental solutions. In the workshops and during delivery at customer sites, strict equipment disinfection processes are being respected. 


Our supply operations are ramping up capacity to follow the increased business demand. All orders have been replanned and informed to customers. Our ambition is to have full production to get all orders out as soon as possible, delivering trucks and parts to the best extent possible.

Connected trucks to increase support

We have over 130.000 connected smart trucks among our customers, which has played a significant role in the past few months. It allowed us to offer customers flexible solutions, since the connected trucks inform us of their utilisation rates, and which industries are the busiest. This way, customers were offered short-term rental trucks to cover peak periods, or flexibility when their trucks had been standing still for a longer period of time; helping customers in their day-to-day business.


We're following government guidelines in each country and are encouraging staff, where possible, to work from home.

Employees that remain to work on site in the factories, offices, warehouses and workshops are asked to take the necessary health and safety measures (social distancing, strict hygiene routines).

It is encouraging that although frequent testing is ongoing at several of our sites, we have very few positive test results. This means that the countermeasures we apply are functional and that our workplaces are safe for the colleagues that needs to be there.

Toyota Material Handling continues to apply strong restrictions on international business travel until further notice. A new travel policy and a new remote working policy has been issued to state our view and position on these matters also post pandemic.

If you have any questions, please contact the Toyota Material Handling organisation in your country.

Thank you to all forklift and truck drivers, who keep the essential goods moving.

Thank you to all health care professionals for all their hard, courageous work.

Toyota Material Handling Europe Management Team