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No practical impact from TICO’s engine investigations on trucks used in Europe

Toyota Material Handling Europe’s owner TICO (Toyota Industries Corporation) has per 29th January 2024 communicated about its completed investigation regarding domestic certifications (in Japan) of combustion engines.

The investigation followed on the previously announced suspension of domestic shipments of combustion engines.  

So far and still, Toyota Material Handling Europe (TMHE) has no indications that the results of the investigation should have any practical impact or consequences for TMHE’s business, its’ customers or the usage of our products whatsoever.  

The TICO announcement relates to certification for Japan. The engines used in Europe are not comparable to the ones used in Japan. This is due to significant hardware and software modifications in order to exceed European standards and certifications for stage V compliant engines. Also, there is no problem to continue using trucks before Stage V, as they meet the previous standards. 

We understand the questions and the concerns the process and communication in Japan generates. We continue to follow the situation very closely and will share updates in due course. 

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