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Niclas Sternerup new SVP R&D Hiroyuki Taniguchi new Chairman

Toyota Material Handling Europe is happy to announce the promotion of Niclas Sternerup to Senior Vice President R&D. The appointment follows on TICO’s promotion and appointment of Hiroyuki Taniguchi as new company Chairman.
Niclas Sternerup appointed new SVP R&D Toyota Material Handling Europe


R&D has the responsibility to serve as the Toyota Material Handling Europe’s innovation engine and to stay close to the market, providing innovative products and solutions that define new levels of customer expectations.

TMHE has appointed Niclas Sternerup as new SVP R&D and a member of the TMHE Management Team. Niclas, born 1971, joined TMHE already back in 2003, and has since held various positions, primarily dedicated for product development and product planning. During his career Niclas also worked for Scania and McKinsey. He is since 2019 Deputy CTO, and from January 2022 VP R&D. Niclas is married, has two children and lives in Linköping, Sweden.

Hiroyuki Taniguchi new Chairman Toyota Material Handling Europe


Niclas Sternerup replaces Hiroyuki Taniguchi, whom by Toyota Industries Corporate (TICO) has been promoted to TICO Executive Officer and appointed as new Chairman of the TMHE Board of directors.

Born in 1965, Hiroyuki Taniguchi joined TICO in 1990 and has since then dedicated his career into forklift development and product planning, including two previous European assignments. He was in 2019 promoted to Associate Managing Officer for TICO, this shortly after being appointed SVP R&D and CTO for TMHE. He is since then based in TMHE’s headquarter in Mjölby, Sweden and will remain so also in his new role.

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