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New Energy Now - Toyota Material Handling Europe presents its unique and expanded Lithium-ion range

Toyota Material Handling continues its focus on innovation and energy solutions by expanding its Lithium-ion range of electric trucks. This expansion includes their 48-Volt counterbalanced trucks and reach trucks. Now with the widest range of trucks on the market with Lithium-ion, Toyota Material Handling can confidently supply solutions to a broad range of industries in manufacturing and logistics.

The first Lithium-ion range, developed by Toyota Material Handling Europe in 2013, consisted of three warehouse trucks: the BT Levio LWE & LPE powered pallet trucks and the BT Optio OSE order pickers. Now five new series have joined the Lithium-ion family: powered stackers (BT Staxio SPE & SWE), reach trucks (BT Reflex RRE), towing tractors (BT Movit TSE) and the Traigo 48, the first Lithium-ion counterbalanced trucks.

“Investing in Lithium-ion is an investment in the future”, says Craig Walby, Director Product Management at Toyota Material Handling Europe. “To our own customers we are delivering lower energy consumption, higher productivity and simplification of material handling operations in an environmentally conscious way.”

The Lithium-ion battery technology is especially beneficial in multi-shift operations. As these batteries allow for opportunity charging, battery change is no longer needed, and neither are spare batteries or charging rooms. Instead, trucks can be recharged quickly during breaks. Lithium-ion batteries also don’t need maintenance, eventually reducing unnecessary downtime to a minimum, which results in higher productivity in the operation.

Lithium-ion batteries also have proven to be 30% more energy-efficient than lead-acid batteries, significantly reducing CO2 emissions as well as energy costs. The durability over time of Lithium-ion batteries compared to lead-acid batteries ensures a lifecycle that is 3 to 4 times longer, which makes them a good investment, economically and ecologically.

At CeMAT, which takes place from 31 May until 3 June in Hanover, new improved conditions will be available for the Lithium-ion range of products. In addition, Toyota Material Handling Europe will also present its other goals and achievements in terms of new energy now. This includes the development of hydrogen fuel cell products and the 1ZS engine for the Tonero counterbalanced range; energy-efficient even with heavy driving style, which normally accounts for up to 35% more consumption. Discover at CeMAT how Toyota Material Handling has established a pioneer position in innovative energy solutions.

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