Make the shift to efficient electric operations with the new Toyota Traigo80

Toyota Material Handling Europe launches a new generation of 80-Volt electric counterbalanced forklifts. Built with a durable and robust design, for both indoor and outdoor heavy-duty applications. The models range from 2 to 3.5 tonnes and are available with energy-efficient lithium-ion power and superb ergonomics for enhanced productivity. Allowing customers to make the shift to clean electric operations and enjoy outstanding performance with zero emissions. The new Toyota Traigo80 contributes to safer, quieter, more comfortable and cost-efficient material handling operations.

The new Toyota Traigo80 electric counterbalanced range offers a choice of models with capacities between 2 and 3.5 tonnes and lift heights up to 6.5 metres. Customers can choose between a compact chassis design for confined operations with little space, or a longer chassis with a larger battery for more continuous use. In addition, two new models with chassis for longer load handling on 600mm load centres have been added to support larger loads.

With its all-metal exterior and heavy-duty chassis, the Traigo80 is designed for tough environments. For superior performance outdoors and optimal operator comfort, customers can choose the fully enclosed cabin for weather protection, in combination with high-level protected motors to ensure durability in all weather conditions.

“Our new Toyota Traigo80 electric counterbalanced truck allows customers to make the shift to improved productivity and efficiency, with no compromise on reliability or durability, even in the most intensive indoor or outdoor applications. We have a clear commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of our products, so we believe this new range of electric trucks will play an important part moving forward,” says Jose Maria Gener, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Toyota Material Handling Europe.


Make the shift to higher energy efficiency

The 80-volt electric range is available with several energy solutions: lithium-ion, lead-acid or fuel cell. Customers can select two intelligent energy packs, based on Toyota’s own high-density lithium-ion battery solutions. Allowing for maximum energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs. The concept enables customers to calculate the ideal combination of battery and charger to suit their working patterns, taking into account operating times and scheduled breaks during the normal working shift. In most applications, this allows continuous operation during multiple shifts without the need for battery change, therefore saving the cost of additional batteries and changing equipment. For example, a new Traigo80 equipped with a small lithium-ion battery can work a full 8-hour shift, with just two 15-minute charging breaks during the main operating periods, and 45 minutes of additional charging during the mid-shift meal break. Li-ion-powered Traigo80 trucks do not need battery maintenance, and have a much higher energy efficiency.

The other energy solution for the Traigo80 will be hydrogen, which allows for emission-free operations and can be rapidly refuelled in only a few minutes. Traigo80 models will be H2-ready, for users that already have the benefit of a hydrogen supply. The new 80-volt electric truck offers an easy and fast sideways battery change - with the help of a powered pallet truck - for users wanting to opt for lead-acid energy source. The Traigo80 has been designed to perform in the most heavy-duty applications and still consumes 15% less energy compared to the previous model, thanks to improved motors and components.


Make the shift to enhanced ergonomics and productivity

The new operator compartment has been ergonomically designed and features a new adjustable armrest and lots of storage possibilities. The driver compartment now includes an optional integrated colour touchscreen display providing key driving information, such as lift height, load weight and mast position, within reach to secure safe and efficient operations. A multifunction display screen with push-button controls is available as well.

Drivers can also choose from a completely new range of controls that best fit their driving style: mini-levers, a single multi-function joystick, or multifunction levers – optimising ergonomics and productivity throughout the shift. The fully floating driver compartment reduces noise and vibrations for enhanced comfort. For optimal efficiency and the safety of the driver, the Toyota Traigo80 will be equipped with Assist functions, among which Toyota's well-known and proven System of Active Stability (SAS). SAS continuously monitors load weight, lift height and truck speed to constantly maintain stable operation.


Make the shift to measure and improve your operations

The Toyota Traigo80 will be available as a connected smart truck, allowing customers to monitor and improve their operations in terms of safety, productivity and cost-efficiency. Toyota Material Handling is continuing the journey with integrated telematics that have already been standard on the warehouse range since 2018. Now, new features are also available for the counterbalanced range, starting with the new Traigo80 model.

These features include a new display for the driver with an all-new pre-operational check functionality. Additionally, the next-generation hardware unit gives more insights into improving productivity by understanding when the truck is being driven with or without a load. It also monitors the condition of the Li-ion or lead-acid battery, which does not only improve the overall lifetime, but also increases battery safety.

Making the shift to our new Traigo80 trucks will help you benefit from their numerous advantages: high performance with no emissions, improved ergonomics for your drivers, increased safety and comfort and even more silent operations with reduced costs.

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