Lean energy solution from Toyota for low-temperature operations

Keeping efficiency high in cold environments is a challenge, therefore having access to the right technology to minimise downtime is key. The lithium-ion energy solution from Toyota launched last year brings many benefits to each operation, particularly to temperature-controlled zones.

"We are happy to expand our offer of lean solutions for cold environments. Our lithium-ion energy solution for low-temperature operations will help many customers handle goods such as fruit, dairy, fish and pharmaceuticals in an efficient manner," says Sven Kruizenga, Product Manager Energy Solutions at Toyota Material Handling Europe. "We welcome you to find out more about this new solution at LogiMAT in Hall 2, Stand A05 between 19 and 21 February 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany."


Save energy with lithium-ion for cold store

The in-house assembled lithium-ion solutions from Toyota offer energy savings, service-friendly operations and enhanced safety. But especially in very cold operations the li-ion solution for cold store, now available from Toyota, is an attractive alternative to the traditional lead-acid batteries. Battery power loss is minimal and the ability for opportunity charging in the cold rooms allows the trucks to stay inside longer. The less frequently the trucks need to go outside, the fewer issues will occur with condensation when going out the cold room.

Save time, space & resources

The prevention of waste is a key principle in Toyota's lean-thinking philosophy. Lithium-ion battery technology is an excellent example of how cost savings can be achieved. Especially in cold store this will be appreciated: no maintenance, maximum battery performance, fast opportunity charging, and in-cold-store charging. The standard Li-ion battery solution works efficiently in chilled areas and for a limited time in cold store. The solution with battery heater even makes charging and working longer periods in temperatures down to -30°C possible, fulfilling all customer requirements.

Fresh thinking from Toyota

Chilled or frozen operations require efficient solutions that minimise waste of space, resources and time, while also ensuring reliability in these demanding environments. Toyota Material Handling has a long history and experience working in low-temperature operations and offers a wide range of lean solutions for cold environments.
The manual and automated truck range from Toyota Material Handling are as standard equipped to work efficiently in chilled areas. Smart technology such as I_Site and Li-ion from Toyota can improve efficiency even further, while solutions such as mobile racking and shuttles maximise the use of space in cold store rooms. Thinking about the workers, heated cabins provide an effective working environment, ensuring they stay motivated, productive and healthy.

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