Automated trucks in Haldex's warehouse

Haldex implements additional Autopilot trucks after experiencing a variety of benefits

In 2013, Haldex started to work with automated trucks from Toyota, two BT Autopilot SAE160 stackers. Their motivation was to increase safety by bringing down the amount of manual transport, since the automated and manually operated trucks use the same aisles for transport.
Autopilot truck at Haldex

Expanding automation

After witnessing how automation has increased productivity while bringing down costs, they are now adding one new automated truck to their present operation.

Optimised operations

The implementation of automated trucks has brought several benefits to Haldex’ operations. First of all, this gave them the opportunity to oversee their material handling process, which resulted in eliminating 30 trucks from their operation. Working with less trucks (that came each with parts and service from Toyota included), and therefore also less manual operators, resulted in a lower cost. The system has now become an integrated and well-established part of the production process at Haldex and eliminated the need to hire temporary workers.

Automation also offered Haldex the flexibility of implementing new material handling routines and production lines. They adhered a new way of thinking, by not only implementing automation in the logistics process but taking it one step further: automation was also integrated in their business process, such as the implementation of roller beds and photocells used for navigation.

Automated truck with load

Long-term rental

The automated trucks provided by Toyota Material Handling are part of a long-term rental package, which includes a full service agreement. Haldex is very satisfied with this, as this means they can focus on production and planning instead of having to worry about transporting goods and the servicing of their trucks.

Benefits exceeding expectations

Most importantly, safety – Haldex' initial motivation for choosing automation - was improved by limiting the number of manual operators and trucks in the operation. This significantly reduced the risk of employees getting injured, as well as damage caused to objects and buildings. This way, productivity was increased with the help of more automated trucks and less human operators, and more heavy goods able to be handled.

Overall, the implementation of automation has exceeded their expectations thanks to the cost savings and progress they were able to make in their operations. Their return on investment is calculated to be 2 years.

Flags outside of Haldex

About Haldex

Haldex AB is a Swedish company with headquarters in Landskrona that produces disc brakes and brake levers for drum brakes. The production consists of machining and assembly work, of which the in-house machining has been increased for electro deposition (ED) coating of the disc brakes. Haldex Landskrona was therefore looking for an alternative to the manual truck transports between the machining and the assembly sections and between the goods reception and assembly sections.

  • Location: Landskrona, Sweden
  • Industry: Machining and assembly
  • Employees: more than 300 in the factory
  • Toyota trucks: two BT Autopilot SAE160 stacker trucks, one additional truck
  • Applications: Horizontal transport and stacking
  • Shifts: 2 and 3
Toyota Tonero 2.5t driving on the harbour with big boats in the background

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