EcoVadis honours Toyota Material Handling Europe with 5th consecutive Platinum rating

For a fifth consecutive year, Toyota Material Handling Europe receives the EcoVadis Platinum rating. This recognition reaffirms the company's commitment to sustainability transparency and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

EcoVadis, the leading independent provider of sustainability ratings, evaluates companies worldwide based on their environmental, social, and ethical performance. Toyota Material Handling Europe’s consistent Platinum rating underscores its dedication to sustainability across its operations and positions the company in the top 1% of over 100.000 rated suppliers worldwide. 

EcoVadis ranks the company Advanced for its comprehensive elements of GHG management and its advanced decarbonisation commitment, actions and reporting capabilities, and lists Toyota Material Handling Europe in the top 5% of companies assessed when it comes to carbon management, which means it can assert its position as leader on climate change.   

Each entity within the organisation has developed a tailored plan to reduce emissions by 50% by FY31. This proactive approach exemplifies a commitment to tangible action in mitigating the overall environmental footprint. 

In addition to its achievements in carbon management, Toyota Material Handling Europe is proud to highlight its concerted efforts to social and ethical levels. 

A new ESG Committee was created in November 2023 to better support cross-functional sustainability strategy and decision making, that will help the company in transitioning to a more sustainable business. 

Furthermore, Toyota Material Handling Europe has invited over 1000 suppliers to conduct the ESG survey on the EcoVadis platform, a way to accelerate collaborative actions to enhance transparency.  

“We are honoured to receive the EcoVadis platinum rating for the fifth year running and to be recognised for our efforts in sustainability,” said Tom Schalenbourg, Director Sustainable Development at Toyota Material Handling Europe, “Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere recognition: it’s about driving real change. For example, we are asking all our strategic suppliers to also commit to Net Zero targets via the SBTi; and with the EcoVadis platform, we are able to measure how many suppliers are committed already. At the time of publication, we have 88 suppliers that have committed to the SBTi"   

Toyota Material Handling Europe remains dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives and fostering a culture of ethical leadership. Through collaborative efforts and innovative strategies, the company aims to inspire positive change within its industry and beyond. 


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