Toyota Material Handling Europe presents A.I.TeamDelivery concept, an alternative approach to consolidated last mile deliveries

In a world that is seeing continuous growth in e-commerce, there is inevitable concern about the impact on delivery networks, not least for environmental reasons, but also due to the increasing pressure on road traffic. Toyota Material Handling Europe has developed a vision for an alternative approach: the A.I.TeamDelivery concept.

The concept is presented in a short film clip, portraying the online shopping requirements of a typical family, with diverse product needs - from toys to technology and tools. Current logistics chains handling a situation like this could result in several different deliveries – each carrying a single item – all being delivered to the same address on the same day. 


Toyota envisages an alternative, improved solution, where upon order placement consumers can opt for a ‘TeamDelivery’ service. This option would divert the items ordered to a consolidation hub where an automated vehicle would effectively work as a collection agent for the delivery address. By using A.I. and through direct communication with the supply vehicles, the collection unit would come out soon as items reach the consolidation hub, building a complete consignment. 


Once assembled, the consignment of goods is loaded into an autonomous delivery vehicle that makes a single consolidated delivery to the order shipping address. 


From click to delivery: when completing an online order, the consumer initiates a logistics flow. Finding the right order fulfilment solution is crucial for any business. Getting it right means customer satisfaction and overall business success. Every step counts to make for a seamless logistics flow, from warehousing and inventory management to order processing and shipping & returns management. 


“There are many benefits to this type of approach,” explains Mark Peters, Marketing Director at Toyota Material Handling Europe, “It is particularly suited to urban areas, where carefully located consolidation hubs would simplify traffic flows and significantly reduce vehicles undertaking the so-called last-mile drop. This also has corresponding environmental and CO2 benefits.” 


Peters continues: “Although the concept that we are showing is at this stage just an illustration of how consolidated deliveries could work the technology is based on solutions that we are already working with. Our objective here is to encourage collaboration in our industry to optimise the way we move things.”


Watch the concept here>>


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