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What are the benefits of smart trucks for your business?

Smart trucks provide you with the right information to make sure you are in total control of your operation, and even allow you to take action from a distance if necessary. Whether you are a one-truck customer or have a big fleet of forklift trucks across multiple sites globally. For a maximum value-added operation with extreme optimisation, and zero waste in energy, time and space as a result.


  • Improved machine utilisation: Toyota's existing I_Site data, derived from all connected smart trucks already in operation, shows that most companies can eliminate substantial waste in resource by improving utilisation levels. This will probably result in fewer truck requirement levels for many of our customers, as they start to use data to improve truck planning. But we recognise this to be the responsible route to take as resource suppliers and business partners.
  • Improved driver performance: You can monitor each truck and each driver to asses when extra training is needed or when a licence is expiring.
  • Smart benchmarking: Assess and compare truck performance across different sites.

Health and safety

  • Risk prevention: You can control the speed of your truck to prevent accidents from happening and keep your drivers from being injured.
  • Shock monitoring: Thanks to the shock sensors you can have an overview of the impacts registered, when and where they happened, and at which speed. You can make sure trucks go into creep speed after an impact, only able to perform at full capacity again after being reset by authorised personnel.
  • Driver safety: You can have an easy overview of which drivers are authorised to drive which trucks and make sure your drivers perform certain safety procedures.
  • Be in control: Always be aware of what's happening, wherever you are, with the possibility to take action if necessary.


  • Longer machine lifetime: By optimising operational efficiency of the trucks.
  • Energy efficiency: Thanks to the possibility to monitor and optimise battery use, for longer battery lifetime.


  • Limit operational cost: With the possibility to track utilisation and optimise fleet size where necessary.
  • Avoid damage cost: Thanks to the safety features.
  • Lower maintenance cost: By monitoring the way equipment is being handled.
  • Lower insurance cost: By preventing accidents.

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