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Campaigning for Healthy Workplaces for All Ages

At Toyota Material Handling Europe we consider the health and safety of our employees very important. That’s why we have been a campaign partner of EU OSHA for more than 6 years now.

Safer operations

With the 2016-2017 ‘Healthy Workplaces for All Ages’ campaign, we want to strive for a working environment that is healthy and productive for employees of all ages. We see that stimulating active aging and keeping workers engaged until the end of their career is very beneficial.

Employees are healthier and more motivated, while staff turnover and absenteeism are significantly lower, leading to higher productivity. Valuable skills and work experience can be shared within the organisation and used to create a greater pool of talent and skills. We are continuously supporting our customers in gaining safer operations and how we are managing the safety of our colleagues.

Our sustainability approach >

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Everything you need on one platform

If you want more information about health and safety in your operations, you can go to EU-OSHA’s wiki page. OSHwiki functions as an authoritative source of information that is easily updated, edited or translated and reaches beyond the OSH community.

The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards

The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards serve as a platform for sharing information and promoting good practices across Europe with the help of concrete examples of organisations. We would like to invite all our colleagues, European employers, or other business partners and professionals on Operational Health and Safety at the workplace levels to participate. The winners will receive an award at a ceremony in April 2017.

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